Security and Windows 10: How to Keep Your PC Secure

Whether you are new to Windows 10, or a weathered, long term user of the operating system, the chances are that at some point you will find yourself berating your laptop for not behaving the way that you intended it to.

This isn’t solely a Windows problems, all operating systems are capable of misfiring from time to time, but Windows, similar to the way Android inhabits the mobile realm, is particularly susceptible to issues due to the fact it runs on many hardware variants, and the install base is simply huge.

Large numbers of different devices running the same operating system will obviously throw up more issues than an OS such as IOS or OSX, which have software built for specific hardware, but this doesn’t mean that Windows users are destined for a life of frustration. Microsoft’s operating system is the backbone of the majority of workplace computer systems, and it holds that mantle for good reason.

Most of the time, issues that arise from our OS of choice can be sorted out quickly and easily if you know what you are doing, but when it comes to work, even a thirty-minute delay while you sort out a problem can be frustrating. How to fix these problems? The best way is to stop them from happening in the first place.

Patch your software

The easiest, and unfortunately often forgotten way to keep your Windows 10 machines running smoothly is to make sure your OS patches are up to date.

Microsoft generally issues patches twice a month on a Tuesday (known informally as Patch Tuesday), plugging any holes that have come to light in the weeks before to prevent zero-day attacks such as the infamous DoubleAgent attack.

Seeing the reminder pop up telling you to “reboot your machine” is something that many employees will simply ignore. The last thing you need when you are ploughing through your spreadsheets is your computer asking you to stop using it for a while. Those of us who remember some of the larger Windows 7 updates have probably been burned before when an hour-long update has started in the middle of a working day, but with Windows 10, updates are generally much shorter to implement.

Not only that, but you can schedule times for these updates to execute, leaving you free to work or do whatever you want during the day, while the computer updates itself in the evening. Keeping on top of these updates is key to keeping your Windows 10 machines running smoothly.

For those tempted to put off these gentle reminders from your OS, it is worth thinking about the consequences of doing so in an age where ‘digital theft’ is becoming a huge problem. From identity theft to ransomware, leaving your security patches hanging in the wind is akin to leaving your key in the lock. If you work with sensitive data, you are not only putting your own data at risk but also that of your clients. If your company employs more than a handful of people, your risk is multiplied by each user. But how can you get your colleagues to treat these issues as seriously as perhaps you do? Well, you may not have to.

When it comes to simultaneously patching Windows software for multiple users, there are companies out there whose sole objective is to take the responsibility out of the employee’s hands and automate the process through the cloud. Not only can you have your software and your OS patched, but also some third-party applications too.

With this process running in the background through the cloud, you can make sure all your company computers are up to date and secure. You and your IT manager can see whether any computer is vulnerable, and at the click of a button, force updates from a control dashboard. Since this is a time-consuming task that IT departments can get sucked into, the capability to automate this process through the cloud is highly useful.

When it comes to security, nothing beats this sort of automation. No stress, no more bugging that one troublesome employee to update his laptop, and no more security holes.

Keep the apps you use, bin the rest

For those with smaller teams, or perhaps a less savvy IT department, third-party applications can be the chink in the armour that gets forgotten about. It is all very well having an up to date OS, but if a third-party app has a vulnerability, then your system is not safe.

While big name brands such as Adobe and Google are generally very good at keeping their apps resilient to hackers and their ilk, smaller companies, or those that are now defunct, are often a target for the ‘bad guys’ as they are easier to infiltrate.

If your company uses a proprietary application, make sure you keep it updated, and if you have any apps on your Windows 10 machine that you don’t use, simply delete them. Having old, unpatched software that never gets used is not only pointless, but it also makes gaining access to the system much easier. As a rule of thumb, if you use it, patch it; and if you don’t use it, delete it.

Windows has always had a checkered history when it comes to vulnerabilities, but this is always going to be the case with operating systems that aren’t ‘walled gardens’. Luckily, the latest, modern version of Windows takes these vulnerabilities seriously, and with Windows Defender built in, a basic level of security is running on all Windows 10 machines. Compare that to previous versions of Windows, where you had to provide a third-party anti-virus yourself, and you should feel a sense of relief that this side of security is now taken care of for you.

Windows Defender is a decent security tool, and for most of us, nothing else is needed. If you happen to work with particularly delicate information, however, you may want to put your mind at ease by installing a more robust solution. With plenty out there to choose from, you should be able to find yourself a security package that keeps your data safe, without burdening your machine and slowing it down (we are looking at you, McAfee).

In conclusion

The key to keeping your data safe on your Windows machine is pretty simple really. Update, patch, and if possible, automate. If you do all this and keep less useful third-party apps to a minimum, the chances of becoming a victim to the ‘bad guys’ is reduced considerably. If you perhaps think that all this is a little unnecessary, speak to someone who fell victim to a security breach. They can fill you in further on why it’s a good idea to stay one step ahead in the security game.

Movies That Have Been Implemented in Slot Machines

Online slots are known for their diverse themes. These themes are inspired by many things such as ancient cultures, fantasy, magic, movies, books, and animals. The most awe-inspiring of all are movie themes. Besides offering a familiar feel to the slot game, movie themes reinvent a movie classic into a game that is both gleeful and thrilling. Ovo Casino has a wide selection of movie-based slot games. You can take a casual gander to try some of the slots inspired by famous films using the Ovo Casino bonus. 

Personalized Game Experience is the Need of the Hour

How many times you have simply skipped through an ad, without even looking at it twice? We do it quite often, right? This is because, most of the time, we don’t find these ads relevant to us. It just doesn’t project what we want or need. Getting your message across is imperative for any digital medium to work. Personalization is the key to communicate your message across.

Seeing offers, promotions and the like that has nothing to do with their lifestyle or interest is annoying and doesn’t capture the attention of the consumer. Well, this is not limited just to the advertising field. This holds equally true to the games we have installed on our mobiles or downloaded on our PCs. Without it connecting with us on a personal level, it just doesn’t work.

As per a recent report by McKinsey, personalization can bring the acquisition costs down by 50% and increase revenue by 5 to 15% and also improve the efficiency of marketing by 10 to 30%. Personalization is definitely the winner here, but to manage it successfully there are a few things that need to be right.

Use of Data Based Intelligence

Getting insight on consumer behavior is not very difficult today. With the advancement in technology, one can get data on users via their online browsing patterns, social platforms and device usage. What needs to be done right is to navigate through this big data landscape and put it to effective use, in order to tap into audiences that are interested in the product. With multiple types of games available readily on the Play Store and for online play, it is important to know which player is really interested in your game.

For example, when players are targeted to play card games, then the expected behavior is rummy game download or perhaps any other game that is targeted at. Insights about the player can be at a broad level like the basic demographic information to something more specific like hobbies, special interest, buying intent or even historical behaviorial patterns. The more accurate you can get about your audience, the more personalized game experience can be provided to the player.


When on one hand understanding the user is at the core to improve your game application, it is also equally important to make it smooth and simple to use as well. Imagine a game, where you expect your user to jump from one tab to the other to make payments, open different levels or manage his account on the gaming app. Will your player really be interested in playing on such a platform? The audience today is smart and what is expected is a seamless gameplay experience. As much as the interface is automated, the lesser hiccups will be faced and the player can enjoy the game uninterrupted. If one thinks that game automation is only on the testing segment then it’s wrong. Automation works on customer service notifications and the representatives can dynamically get alerts and assist the player as soon as he faces a challenge.

Native Captures Attention

The games that we grew up playing are always close to the heart. When such games take the shape of digital medium, then players connect to it instantly. The players are already familiar with the game and when they get to play it on their mobiles, they get glued to it in no time. There are puzzles, card games and board games that fall into this category. Players enjoy games like scrabble, ludo, and love to play rummy and other card games when it is available on apps and websites. These games are played from ages and loved by all. So, definitely when these games connect with the player instantly. There are games that are made on the popular movies as well. Once more, these games give a quick recollection of blockbusters and players download the games to play their version of the movie.

Apt Content is Quite Important

A combination of personalized and contextual content gives a good opportunity for brands to get creative with the kind of content they put in the game. This helps in getting a more targeted audience and hence the player retention and engagement is high. Games available in multiple languages along with a regional touch, do much better as compared to games available in only one language option. Another thing that’s extremely important in a game is the appropriate format and the source where it is available. India is predominantly an Android using nation and hence if the game is available for Android users, then it taps into a range of audience. However, having the game available for iOS, Android and Windows is the best solution. Of course, having seamless multi-device functionality allows the player to enjoy the game on the device of his choice.


There are over 2 billion gaming apps in India. Not all of them make it to the top of the chart. It is games with personalized experience, smooth gameplay and an engaging plot that players prefer.

5 technologies redefining football as a sport

When it comes to sports, there is none that can rival the popularity and fan following of football, globally. While for the most part, the sport has stayed true to its traditional roots, technology has played a crucial role in the modernization of football. In fact, technology is playing such a huge part in making football what it is today that it has given rise to an autonomous IT sector of its own.

We’ll skip the over the obvious new technologies such as the smartphone which has, of course, bolstered the availability of online betting. IF this is something you want to get involved with but aren’t how to start we’d recommend checking out FootyAccumulators for things like the latest BTTS tips as well as football watch previews.

Let us take a few minutes to discuss some of the conventional and new-age technologies that are currently being applied in the field of football.

Big Data and Analytics
Considering the vast history and the way the sport is played, there is a humongous amount of data that is collected and used to gain insights. Furthermore, this data isn’t simple statistical data that can be represented with tables and charts. Data collected from sports and games includes multiple formats like videos, images, social media posts etc. Considering its unstructured format and vastness, this data can be classified as Big Data. As most of us already know, Big Data cannot be processed, stored and analyzed using traditional technologies. For this reason, Big Data and Analytics using the Hadoop ecosystem is utilized in such cases.

To understand this better, let us take the instance of ‘Match Insights,’ a tool designed and developed by the Germans to devise strategies in the 2014 World Cup. This tool derived data from decades of recorded history and helped Germany destroy its competition in the international tournament. Similar algorithms were utilized by several teams including Germany, Russia, and France in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This is one of the most well-known applications of Big Data and analytics in sports.

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Visualization

This is one of the oldest technologies being applied to almost all sports. Charts, graphs, and heatmaps are used extensively not only to derive important insights but also to satisfy the viewership. To understand the difference made by data visualization, let’s take the example of number of players from each country registered per team at FIFA right now.

Player Nationality Data from FIFA 2018 in Tabular & Heatmap Format

Visualization of data not only makes the dataset more appealing to look at, but it also makes it easier to understand and derive insights from. When it comes to data visualization in FIFA, tools like IBM Cognos, Tableau, and QlikView are predominantly used.

Internet of Things (IoT)
We have already covered analysis and representation of data in the above two sections. Now let us look at how this data can be collected in real-time.

Until a decade ago, collection of data in real-time was a very difficult task. But, with the advent of Internet of Things, data collection is as easy as slapping on a wristband on all the players. These smart wearables and devices track real-time data like heartrate, speed, stress etc. and store everything on a central data warehouse for further processing. The hugely marketed technologies — virtual-assisted referee (VAR), goal-line tracking (GLT) and player performance insights — are all based on IoT.

Cloud Computing
With data collection, analysis and representation out of the way, let us now look at how this data can be stored. The most logical and convenient data storage solution that current technologies offer is cloud computing.

As you might already know, cloud computing allows remote storage of data. Additionally, most of today’s cloud solutions provide an integrated environment that can assist in almost all solutions —analysis and reporting included. Additionally, cloud storage solutions are elastic so there will never be a need to get rid of old data to make room for newer one. This will vastly increase the accuracy and clarity of historical analyses. Finally, cloud solutions offer remote access to data over a variety of devices. All of this makes cloud an ideal choice for storage and warehousing of sports data.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning
A few years ago, a lot of the FIFA hype was around Paul, the octopus, who could predict the winners of each match. The organic creature had a very high success rate of 85 percent, but we are moving into a digital world now and divination isn’t really a part of it.

And, tragic as it may seem, Paul is dead. But, making up for the loss of this football mascot isn’t as difficult as it may seem. In fact, the world cup after Paul’s death, a group of data analysts from Google designed a machine learning algorithm that derived historical insights and predicted the outcomes of each match. This system had a success rate which was three percent more than our eight-tentacled diviner.

In a similar manner, several machine learning and AI algorithms were prepared this year to predict the outcomes of the matches in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. You can find hundreds of them online on websites like Kaggle.

These are just five of the popular technologies that are changing football as we know it. Each of them makes the sport better than ever before for both fans and players alike.

Benefits of Choosing Smart Home Climate Control

Have you ever left your home in the morning, only to realize halfway through work, or while you are sitting on an airplane, that you forgot to adjust the temperature in the home? It could be costing you quite a bit on your energy bills if this happens frequently. What about if you have been out enjoying a nice day in the sun, and now you are hot and just want a place to keep cool. You know that the temperature in your home is going to be unbearable when you get there, and you dread coming home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fast and easy way to correct these problems?

With the new climate control systems that can be controlled right through your phone or tablet, it is not only possible, but easy to do. Having smart home climate control can provide you with a wealth of benefits, and chief among them is going to be your comfort level.

More Affordable than You Might Think

One of the nice benefits of many of these systems is that they are affordable for many budgets. If you have been holding off on getting smart home climate control because of the cost, it is time that you checked out some of the newer options on the market.

Save Energy and Be Good to the Environment

When you have smart home climate control, it is easier to keep track of and monitor your energy usage, and you can control it. Not only will you have more control over the heat and cooling in your home, so you can save money, but it is also environmentally friendly.

Other Great Smart Home Options

While it is certainly nice to be able to control the temperature of your smart home with a tap on the phone or tablet, you will find that there are also some other great options for smart home control. For example, you can control the lighting, the power, your entertainment systems, and more when you have a quality smart home system in place.

If you would like to know more about your options, check out iZone’s smart home climate control systems. Also, examine some of the other smart home features that they can provide. They can help to make many aspects of your life much easier.

Java Tricks The Developers Must Know

The most popular programming language used worldwide because of its versatility and effectiveness is Java. Being the simplest form of C++, Java as a programming language is capable of producing software for multiple platforms. The amateur software developers can feel free to gain more knowledge of coding in Java from various tutorials available online covering from basics of Java, key tricks of Java, and many coding techniques as such to be an expert in Java as a developer. 

How To Keep Your Website Secure

If you’ve made the effort to take full advantage of the benefits of your business website, then you’re probably already aware of the potential security risks. Having a website is becoming an increasingly essential part of any business, but it can also act as a pathway into your online systems and a way for cybercriminals to gain access to your sensitive data. That’s why there are a number of key security tools and strategies that will reinforce your security and provide your defenses with a boost that will help to dissuade hackers from attempting a breach. For those hoping to optimize the security of their website, then these key points will act as a strong initial line of defense.

Learning Java: Where to Start?

Every second web application and website is built on Java. The popularity of this programming language has grown dramatically over the past few years, bypassing even PHP. Thus, it is nowadays the best time to learn Java.

If you want to become Java developer, read our post to know what skills you need to develop and what resources you can use for that purpose. It is not enough to know java core to become a professional in Java; there are much more specs you should be aware of.

Required Knowledge

In order for you to proudly call yourself a Java developer, you need to have at least a common understanding of the following things:

  • The syntax of the language, namely Java Core;
  • Basics of Object-Oriented Programming;
  • Database Basics (SQL);
  • JDBC;
  • Servlets + JSP;
  • ORM (for example, Hibernate);
  • Any popular Web-Framework (for example, Spring);
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • VCS (GIT, SVM or the like)

Java Core

This includes knowledge and understanding of the class hierarchy in Java, methods of the Object class and, of course, the collection of frameworks. Otherwise, you will not be able to write quality code. To keep abreast of the things, we recommend you to read books on the basics of Java and only afterward study the specifications this programming language.

Proceed with reading the technical documentation. After studying one of the books such as “Java 8: The Complete Guide” by Shiltd, “The Philosophy of Java” by Eckel, read code samples outlined in the documentation. These should become a repository of knowledge for you.

Object-Oriented Programming & SQL

On top of that, you are to know how the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) works. It is recommended to study the principles of its operation on the specification of Oracle (Java Virtual Machine Specification). After knowing the basics of the language, start studying the databases and SQL. Here, you will be extremely helped by all the different guides (tutorials) and documentation. The book “MySQL 5.0” will be useful for you to understand how the SQL server is built and what operations it can perform.

Frameworks & Code

All frameworks also need to be studied according to the technical documentation. For each of them, you can find high-quality documentation. So it is enough to search for the relevant one. And the most important thing is read lots of Java code. If you do not want to study the code, then we have bad news for you. Reading the code is 70-80% of your work to become a professional Java developer.

Broaden Your Knowledge

We have extra advice for those who dream of becoming Java programmers. Regularly go to conferences organized by renowned companies. If there is an opportunity to sign the dev courses in one of the companies, just do it! This will increase your chances of reaching the goal at times.

Choose Top Notch EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Halfway through working online, if you lose data, it is irritable. Your systems are not retrieving data. You are certainly helpless. To have the solution, you must find EaseUs data recovery software to settle the issue.

Innovative Data Recover Tool

Upgrade edition of EaseUs data recovery software is cost efficient for economical consumers. Faster process of data recycling is not difficult for a person. This remarkable data retrieving platform has unique features. Data are safe and unchanged after the complete recovery from the system. EaseUs gives different content recovery methods. All tasks take place faster.  Formatted and deleted content from hard drive is quickly restored.

Easy Guide to Recover Lost Files

Have free online guide from tech support consultants to download/reload the EaseUs data recycling toolkit which is now being used by over million online visitors. Free demos on data recovery must give a preview and roadmap to rookies to save data.  Big companies, small enterprising agencies, media, educational institutes and in-house offices install awe-inspiring data recovery software to protect their digital files/video documents/snapshots/data in HTML format.

Quick and Deep Scanners 

  • EaseUs data recovery software has two scanners for content checking. Quick scanner gives an overview content filtration overview. For more authentic content cross checking, you should activate the deep  data scanner to avoid malware

Simple Method to Recover Images/ph0ots in Various Formats

  • Plug in to restart EaseUs data recovery wizard and select the disk for data recovery
  • Scan all materials before transformation
  • A fast preview is on display
  • Do mouse click on the data recovery button
  • All your pictures scanned are brought to the targeted disk without spam issue

The digital data/image and pdf files recovery is less time consuming. Old and discolored images can be retrieved.  People don’t need extensor or third party jail broken software to continue the flawless data retrieval process.

New Updates

11.0 edition for Mac is now in new shape with more innovative tech details. Customers depend on this remodeled 11.0 EaseUs data recovery software. 100 percent perfection in content retrieving is maintained by EaseUS toolkit.  Comparing to local data recycling tools,  EaseUS 11.0  data recovery software is appreciably qualitative. UI optimization is also good. EaseUS data restoration software pulls up lost video images from memory card of the camera.  Therefore, in the event of image loss, make usage of this hands free software to restore data/images.

EaseUS Supports Multiple Languages

EaseUS data restoration software has the good language translator. That means, it detects multiple languages to follow the commands to enhance brilliant data recovery. It supports following languages

  • English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, and Português

Does EaseUS Debugs Data?

If your system has lack of proper data protection, it will give you technical aid to stop content bugging. Data are debugged and then deployed to the specific areas of your disk.

Availability of Good Custom Packages 

The data recovery budget is very attractive and user-friendly to people.  Basic plan offers free 2 gb data retrieving support.  Other two different customizable packages are also cost effective at the competitive prices.  Pro and Wine+PE data restoration plans are productive to people.

Combination of bootable media and data recovery wizard speeds up the compact data restoring process.  With Bootable Media Package at around $129, enjoy the unlimited data recovery access with the live tech guidance.

EaseUS data recovery software is recommended by big bosses in IT industry. It is one of the top notch data restoration toolkits in the world.  In this connection, have tips and useful suggestions from tech consultants how to install EaseUS data recovery software for expecting trouble free content/image restoration.