How to format and install Windows 7

Formatting a computer is not an easy process, but it may be necessary. Many users suffer from slow navigation because of several spy programs, viruses, and bad configurations. Before you begin this process, you should know that formatting your computer means losing all the files you have on your hard drive, all your photos, programs, and documents. If you are ready to perform a thorough cleaning and have to reinstall Windows 7, the first thing to do is to make a copy of Windows 7.

The best apps for gourmet and high quality iOS wallpapers

Did not occur to you sometimes you want to change wallpaper and websites cannot find something of quality? In addition, some applications that we can find in the App Store prioritizes earning money rather than providing quality material. And eye: wanting to make money making applications is obvious, but you have to do it giving something good in return.

That is why we have sought a selection of applications for iOS that are not limited to link up databases where there are thousands of wallpapers that we never will, but provide galleries with wallpapers of good quality. There are, and most of your funds are going to cause people to ask you where you got them.

Windows Password? Here are solutions that modify it or reset it

It can happen to everyone to forget a password especially nowadays where now for anything login credentials are necessary, but what to do when the forgotten password is required when Windows starts? Below the most effective solutions to regain possession of our computer.

The first method is to replace the Utilman.exe file that corresponds to the utility of “accessibility” that can be launched from the Windows login screen with the cmd.exe file, corresponding to the command prompt with which you can run the commands net user with which to manage users on the system. CAUTION the following method does not work with the profiles configured with the Microsoft account email to reset the password of the latter follow the instructions starting from this page. If you can not, you can follow the instructions below to create a new user and retrieve files.