Personalized Game Experience is the Need of the Hour

How many times you have simply skipped through an ad, without even looking at it twice? We do it quite often, right? This is because, most of the time, we don’t find these ads relevant to us. It just doesn’t project what we want or need. Getting your message across is imperative for any digital medium to work. Personalization is the key to communicate your message across.

Seeing offers, promotions and the like that has nothing to do with their lifestyle or interest is annoying and doesn’t capture the attention of the consumer. Well, this is not limited just to the advertising field. This holds equally true to the games we have installed on our mobiles or downloaded on our PCs. Without it connecting with us on a personal level, it just doesn’t work.

As per a recent report by McKinsey, personalization can bring the acquisition costs down by 50% and increase revenue by 5 to 15% and also improve the efficiency of marketing by 10 to 30%. Personalization is definitely the winner here, but to manage it successfully there are a few things that need to be right.

Use of Data Based Intelligence

Getting insight on consumer behavior is not very difficult today. With the advancement in technology, one can get data on users via their online browsing patterns, social platforms and device usage. What needs to be done right is to navigate through this big data landscape and put it to effective use, in order to tap into audiences that are interested in the product. With multiple types of games available readily on the Play Store and for online play, it is important to know which player is really interested in your game.

For example, when players are targeted to play card games, then the expected behavior is rummy game download or perhaps any other game that is targeted at. Insights about the player can be at a broad level like the basic demographic information to something more specific like hobbies, special interest, buying intent or even historical behaviorial patterns. The more accurate you can get about your audience, the more personalized game experience can be provided to the player.


When on one hand understanding the user is at the core to improve your game application, it is also equally important to make it smooth and simple to use as well. Imagine a game, where you expect your user to jump from one tab to the other to make payments, open different levels or manage his account on the gaming app. Will your player really be interested in playing on such a platform? The audience today is smart and what is expected is a seamless gameplay experience. As much as the interface is automated, the lesser hiccups will be faced and the player can enjoy the game uninterrupted. If one thinks that game automation is only on the testing segment then it’s wrong. Automation works on customer service notifications and the representatives can dynamically get alerts and assist the player as soon as he faces a challenge.

Native Captures Attention

The games that we grew up playing are always close to the heart. When such games take the shape of digital medium, then players connect to it instantly. The players are already familiar with the game and when they get to play it on their mobiles, they get glued to it in no time. There are puzzles, card games and board games that fall into this category. Players enjoy games like scrabble, ludo, and love to play rummy and other card games when it is available on apps and websites. These games are played from ages and loved by all. So, definitely when these games connect with the player instantly. There are games that are made on the popular movies as well. Once more, these games give a quick recollection of blockbusters and players download the games to play their version of the movie.

Apt Content is Quite Important

A combination of personalized and contextual content gives a good opportunity for brands to get creative with the kind of content they put in the game. This helps in getting a more targeted audience and hence the player retention and engagement is high. Games available in multiple languages along with a regional touch, do much better as compared to games available in only one language option. Another thing that’s extremely important in a game is the appropriate format and the source where it is available. India is predominantly an Android using nation and hence if the game is available for Android users, then it taps into a range of audience. However, having the game available for iOS, Android and Windows is the best solution. Of course, having seamless multi-device functionality allows the player to enjoy the game on the device of his choice.


There are over 2 billion gaming apps in India. Not all of them make it to the top of the chart. It is games with personalized experience, smooth gameplay and an engaging plot that players prefer.


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