Java Tricks The Developers Must Know

The most popular programming language used worldwide because of its versatility and effectiveness is Java. Being the simplest form of C++, Java as a programming language is capable of producing software for multiple platforms. The amateur software developers can feel free to gain more knowledge of coding in Java from various tutorials available online covering from basics of Java, key tricks of Java, and many coding techniques as such to be an expert in Java as a developer. 

This post provides the key guidelines as a take away of some of the Java tricks that developers must know to be an expert in Java programming:

Shortcuts in eclipse

While programming in Eclipse, press Ctrl+Shift+L which straight away pops up a widget where one can get to see every shortcut keys available. This might be the simplest shortcut and is good to be aware of some of the basic and easy shortcuts as these which are helpful. To learn anything, have a strong foundation of basics.

Take an active part in coding competitions

As everyone knows, nothing comes easy, and nothing can make one an expert overnight. Thus, one thing that must surely be done is to keep practicing. Find some time in the busy schedule and keep progressing every day. Take part in coding competitions which can provide a clear view of the knowledge and ability of one’s coding. Well, programmers should have detailed knowledge of functions like constructors and especially about AngularJS such as ng bind, which is a directive that is often used for data binding in the Java.

Upgrade accordingly

The very basic thing to stick on to the game by making a smarter move is to upgrade to the new features possible. Know the features that are in great boom and actively upgrade into it by learning, thus, being an expert in the field. Some of the wide releases in 2017 include JDK9 which is of high prominence, spring 5.0 consisting of innovative features that include the adoption of Java 8 and 9, reactive programming model and many more, spring security 5.0 wherein hundreds of bugs were fixed by rewriting a couple of modules. Thus, make sure to keep updated with various software and their prominences which helps in upgrading to the current technology.

While executing a code make sure to avoid deadlocks

The two ways to execute a code are finalizers and shutdowns. As the system processes are multi-threaded, finalizers can be used to run the objects thus, avoiding the deadlock. While shutdowns consist of pre-registered hooks which are used for faster execution of the codes, but, at times it is likely to cause a deadlock.

First write, then, edit

The very basic advice is to start with jotting down the programs on a piece of paper before typing on the computer. This helps to have a clear vision of the code and makes the flow of writing easier, thus, minimizing the frequent errors possible in the working space.

Java lets to create applications that consist of interfaces that are user-friendly and also can be easily built with multiple configurations. That’s why every programmer needs to be an expert in Java to make use of these features.


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