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Razer Mechanical Keyboard for iPad Pro 12.9″

The arrival of the iPad Pro was a major change in how we work with the new tablet: intended for more professional uses, one of the star accessories – with permission from Apple Pencil – would be the keyboard. The new 12.9″ screen gave a new dimension to those who used the device to create content in text, either casually or in the usual way on a day to day basis.

And the keyboards are a complicated accessory: the basis of the interaction between the user and the device, and when used continuously, is very personal how we use it. In all these years writing for different media, or personally, each forged their own preferences. In my case, because I travel regularly and always use your own laptop or Apple Pro Keyboard for iPad, the keyboard types that most use are the membrane and low profile. However, whenever I have opportunity, I reach a mechanical keyboard to write: who spends many hours doing it knows its advantages.