Common and Popular Roulette Myths Busted

Don’t believe everything you hear from your friends. There is a lot of negative press out there, especially when it comes to gambling. Roulette often gets a lot of flak from the anti-gambling and religious communities. They may have spoon-fed you a few falsehoods about the game. We’re here to right those wrongs. Join us as we break down and debunk some of the most common and popular myths associated with roulette.

American Roulette Uses an Additional Zero to Avoid “The Devil’s Number”

Did you know that roulette is the Devil’s game? It’s not really, but that’s what some people would have you believe. Their logic (such as it is) is that all the numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666. They claim, therefore, American roulette has another zero to ensure that it doesn’t total 666. Firstly, that is nonsense and doesn’t add up. Secondly, there is no evidence for this. It is far more likely that casinos added the extra zero as a means of screwing bettors by raising their own edge.

Roulette Betting Systems Can Help You Win

You may have heard that roulette betting systems can help you win, but only if you use them correctly. This is another dose of nonsense. When used properly, they can (with luck) help you balance your budget. However, if you go through lengthy losing streaks, they can ensure that you end up bankrupt quicker than not using them.

Hot and Cold Numbers Don’t Tell You Anything or Can Predict Wins

Hot and cold numbers do tell you something. They tell you which numbers have been hit regularly and which ones haven’t. What they don’t do is tell you what is likely to come next. While they are useful in showing what has been, they cannot predict what will come. Don’t fall for the rumours that they are useless or ideal for predicting wins. They are what they are.

It Is Possible for Roulette Dealers/Wheels to Be Biased

When it comes to high roller online roulette, such as when playing the roulette dealers at Rollers IO, there isn’t a whole lot you can do to cheat the casino. If the dealers have “tells”, or the wheels are biased, you’re not going to know. However, play enough times at a land-based casino, and you might get to know the roulette wheel well enough to know that it is angled in a certain way. This isn’t likely to happen often, though, as the casino will usually spot such an irregularity.

If the Ball Lands in the Zero Pocket, You Always Lose

It is “not always” true that you’ll lose if the ball lands in the zero pocket. If you happen to be playing French Roulette with the La Partage or En Prison rules, there is a chance that you can get half your bet back or reinvest it into your next stake. These rules effectively half the house edge in European Roulette and are very advantageous. Without them, or a bet on the zero – yes, you’ll lose.


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