Why Hosting With a Magento Host Can Make Your Shop Run Faster

Magento is a popular platform for running online stores, and it’s one of the leading solutions on this market at the moment. It shouldn’t be surprising, with that in mind, that there is a huge variety of options available for hosting a Magento site, including some specialized hosting providers that offer solutions aimed directly at Magento users.

Some might brush those off as unnecessary – after all, Magento is not that complicated to install on your own in the first place, and the platform has a very active community of users that are constantly ready to help out in case you get stuck. That said, there is actually a lot to gain from choosing a dedicated Magento host, and if you care about running your shop in the most optimized, streamlined way possible, you should definitely look into some of these options.

The only caveat here is that Magento hosting services can differ just like regular hosting companies, and you should take the time to compare what’s available before settling on any particular provider. This can save you a lot of potential headache in the future if you run into any issues with your host and realize that you need to switch.

Your site’s performance will be better 

Running a Magento site on a dedicated Magento host means that you’ll see a much better performance from it, especially if you have a large volume of users on a daily basis. If you’ve seen a significant growth in your operations lately and it’s started to affect the performance of your operations, you should definitely look into a dedicated Magento hosting solution as your first remedy. In most cases, that’s enough to address the problem completely and set you on the right track.

Site performance can also affect you in more ways than are immediately obvious. For example, many search engines will use it as a metric to determine where your site ranks against others, and if it takes a lot of time to serve a single page to your users, you’re going to have a real problem on your hands. With the help of a dedicated Magento host though, this doesn’t have to be an issue, and you can ensure that you’re getting ranked fairly by all popular search engines.

You will be able to focus on your customers more 

When you don’t have to constantly tinker with your shop’s settings and the configuration of the host behind it, you’ll have a much smoother experience working with your customers as you’ll be able to focus your effort in that area. Many shop owners who run a Magento store eventually find themselves having to hire extra help to deal with the inflow of customer service requests as their shops grow larger – but in many of those cases, the solution is as simple as switching to a Magento host and serving your customers yourself!

Sure, some kinds of issues will still persist, regardless of the specific type of host that you’re using, but when you’re serviced by a dedicated Magento hosting provider, you’ll have the reassurance that the most common types of issues will be dealt with as swiftly as possible, and that you won’t have to lift a finger to get some problems out of your hair.

Sometimes this will cost a little extra, but in other cases you may actually be able to get your Magento hosting at a discount compared to a regular hosting service. It all depends on the range of features you’re looking to get – like with every other host – and the quality of the company itself. Some companies have a long-standing presence on the market and will be able to give you a far better deal for your money compared to others.

But in any case, remember that spending a little extra can sometimes go a long way if it means getting prioritized service and a more secure platform to work with. One of the worst things that can happen to your e-store is finding yourself in the middle of a data breach that you have completely no control over. This won’t just jeopardize your operations, it will make your customers angry while you’re unable to explain that it’s not your fault.

For all these reasons and more, specialized Magento hosting is your only real option if you need to run a serious e-store, and you should settle for nothing less. As long as you take the time to compare the deals on the market carefully, you can’t really go wrong here.


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