What is dabbing and how to do it?

To clearly understand what “dabbing” is, it is necessary to know what the word “dab” refers to, which comes from “a pinch”. Basically, a dab is a term in jargon, adopted to refer to cannabis concentrates. A pinch means a small amount or proportion of something. The name came up because most people only need a small portion of hemp oil to feel the effects.

Typically, the act of “dabbing” is done with extremely potent THC concentrates to achieve a stronger effect. The raw marijuana flower is processed to extract the active compounds of the plant (either THC or CBD) in its pure and concentrated form. However, it was up to the ascension of butane hemp oil (hashish) that dabbing became popular.

What exactly is the dabbing?

The dabbing is simply vaporize cannabis specifically. Some of the tools that are used when doing dabbing are quite intimidating, which prevents many people from trying. Dabbing tools used include nails, plugs, mats, torches and electronic nails.

Dab rig” is the name given to a water pipe that is only used to consume it when doing dabbing. If by chance you do not have a blowtorch and you want to try it, do not stress! There are several devices, such as wax pens, designed exclusively to meet your needs.

Why do people do it?

At first, the whole process of dabbing feels a bit strange. There are many tools involved, and it may seem a bit intimidating. However, soon you get used to it, after trying it for a while. The answer to why people do it is quite simple. You do it to get the best out of your CBD concentrate. Technically, dabbing is vaporizing the CBD concentrate and then inhaling the vapors. The process is carried out by applying the concentrates on a relatively hot surface. Remember that only concentrates are applied since they are much more powerful compared to edibles and oils.

Just to make things clear, it is possible, in fact normal, which a single CBD isolate has 99% cannabinoid content. However, it is expensive, but users think it’s worth it.

How to do it?

First, assemble all the equipment mentioned above. After all the equipment is ready, light the torch and make sure the nail is being heated by the flame. Most people prefer to keep the nail warm, and remove it until it turns hot red, but in reality, it is not necessary. In fact, sometimes, overheating can burn the concentrate, which is actually contrary to dabbing. An empirical rule that you must not forget is the “20/60 rule”. Burn the nail with a torch for about 20 seconds, then start with the dabbing after about 60 seconds.

When you are sure that the temperature of the nail is level, take approximately the correct amount of concentrate and place it on the nail. Slowly inhale the resulting vapors as you turn the tip of the dabber – or brush – that is on the nail, to avoid wasting oil that may have gotten stuck in the dabber. Exhale, enjoy and then repeat the whole process until you are completely satisfied.

In short, if you have a medical complication that makes you feel very bad after taking painkillers without any results, do yourself a favor and buy an appropriate equipment to perform the dabbing. With that, and some high-quality concentrates, you’re ready to go! Practically, CBD has no side effects.

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