Top Tips on Designing your Business Card

Even though we rely more on digital technology such as email and text message than we did in the past, there are still a few things that have stayed the same. One of these things is the humble business card, which is still the best form of giving your details to someone face to face. However, to design great business cards, you still need to implement the help of technology, such as design software and printing methods.

The way you design your business card says a lot about you and your company, so you need to think about what you want to portray. Here are a few tips on designing a great business card to hand out to your clients and customers.

Keep to the Basics

Because you are working with paper printing, there are certain things you need to adhere to get the best results. You also need to make sure your font size will be legible at business card size. Also, make sure you’re aware of colors that clash with each other, and colors that are complementary.

Many designers use a grid style for their projects because it helps get all the information on the page and keeps things aligned, so think about putting your information into grid areas.

Get all the Information on your Design

You will only get a certain size to work with for a business card; this is typically 55x85mm. There can be slight variations, but you need to be able to fit all your information into this size. It might call for you to be a little creative with the space available.

You want to include the usual name, email address, phone number and maybe Skype or some other video conference app. Once you have included this information, you can decide if there is anything else you want to add to any space that is left.

Common Mistakes

Although creating your business card design is a fairly simple process, there are some things you should avoid. Even though you want to stand out from other people, try not to go over the top with your design. Maintain a professional touch so that people will take you seriously.

You also need to avoid harsh borders if possible, because it may look crooked if they do not print correctly.

Printing and Design

You don’t need to go to a designer for your business card design, there are other, less expensive ways to do the same job that are much easier. You can design and order batches of cards from websites that will print and deliver them to you. You can also use free software such as Adobe Spark which has a business card maker. You can choose a template and design your business cards easily; then you can either send the design to be printed or print them yourself if you have a printer that’s capable.

You need to remember that the design of the card is a reflection of you and your business. Use your cards to show your clients and customers that you are a professional person who can be trusted with their important projects. Just a simple business card can make all the difference.


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