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The world today is becoming increasingly more intelligent, this is mostly thanks to the introduction of the technological age and the internet/open information age that we are currently living in.

Because the world is becoming more intelligent, there are new jobs in fields that have never been created before, which allows the youth of today, to study subjects and degrees which many of us will have never been able to study or even dreamed of studying.

However, thanks to this new onslaught of degrees there are lots of students who are finishing school and not being able to decide what they want to do as there are far too many options for them to choose from.

Is there a solution to this problem?

The simple answer is yes, while the long-term answer is no. What I mean by this is the simplest way to fix this issue is for students to choose a degree that will give them the best chance of completing a degree in what they are absolutely sure about at a later stage at life.

The reason why there also isn’t a solution to this problem is thanks to the reason that there will never be a set or rather a constant amount of degrees, this is thanks to the job market always growing, so while there are only “x” amount of jobs there will always be the same amount of degrees or courses to help students specialize in the job they want.

This singular specialization in a job can be an issue for many young and old people as when a younger person graduates with a degree designed for a singular job, finding that job can be difficult, to begin with and the worst thing that can happen to these students is spending over 4 years in university or a higher education institution and graduating to discover that the job which they studied for has either changed and evolved to a different degree or even disappeared.

For adults who already have degrees, the constant change on the job market can be quite a hindrance, as a job that they were qualified for 5 years ago could change so much that now the degrees that they qualified for no longer matter to the job.

This could be why we are beginning to see an increased amount of middle-aged adults being retrenched and unemployed because they got complacent with the job and never made sure that they studied further. Get online services about essay writing online visit at

What solution is there?

The solution to this problem is to study a degree which will allow you as a person and as a student to get a job that you are interested in and that during your time as an employee you can study further to make sure that you always adapt with the job market. Below is a list of best degrees that you can study to allow yourself the best opportunity in life.

Website development

With the internet today, there are many ways in which somebody can make money, on the best ways that almost everybody can make money is through websites, this doesn’t just refer to online websites but also to businesses making use of websites to help reach a greater target market or even to sell their products online.

Fortunately, a lot of these people and businesses need people to design and build their websites for them, so there is always a constant market for web developers.

With this degree, you can also build website themes for platforms such as WordPress and sell your custom themes to other users for them to use.

The average pay for a website developer is currently valued at $58 000 per annum and it can increase or decrease depending on your skill level.


This degree applies to any form of engineering degree, and in current times the two best degrees to get are aeronautical and bio-engineering as with the aero industry beginning to take off the way that it is and the world looking for better ways to ensure that human carbon footprint is lessened both these degrees are an awesome way to get started in the engineering field.


Even though a marketing degree is not a massive or major degree, it is a good degree to have as a standard universal degree, as it can open a number of degrees for you to study further.

Final thoughts

If you look at how the job industry has changed over the years, there is no surprise to see that everything is becoming more digitalized and online orientated.

It is becoming more important to have a general degree as a base background and then study further to specialize in a certain field before you do a major degree which by the time your graduate can change entirely and then you are sitting with a useless degree.

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