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Signs of Luck in the Casino

For an ordinary mathematician, calculating the probability of random events such as winning real money in any casino is boundless. It is also a common fact that gamblers are one of the most superstitious groups in the universe. Most of them hold to the fact that any win is attributed to fate and not sheer coincidence. However, it is their misbelief that causes their own downfall, making them the average Joe who never has any fighting chance at any game. 

Both men and women can participate in gambling. With online gambling, there are numerous websites that offer platforms where players can play and bet on their favorite games. Some of these websites have gone an extra mile to customize the websites to suit their players’ preferences. For instance, there is a pink theme here to suit their female gamblers –

To make gambling life more rewarding and enjoyable, there are basics that each participant has to observe and stick to religiously. Essentially, this means that in any game, the gambler has the power to create his or her luck. That can be achieved by:

Betting a Little to Win More

In games of chance such as Keno, your odds of winning depend on the amount you want in return. For this specific game, taming your inner desire to hit the jackpot is paramount. That is because the higher the amount you want in return, the lower the chance of winning anything. On the other hand, by selecting fewer numbers, the chances of winning prices increase exponentially.

Betting on Maximum Jackpot for Selective Games

From time immemorial, many top jackpots have always been lost because few people are willing to risk. The good news is that betting on maximum jackpot can give one an advantage especially in games such as slot machines. Ordinarily, a slot machine such as The Little Mermaid is pre-programmed to provide the house with maximum advantage. Even though the payouts are purely random, their program is written such that the probability of winning increases with an increase in the stake. Therefore, playing the machines and winning with the lower maximum amount of credits is a sign of luck.

Focusing on Player Advantage Games

An excellent example of a player advantage game in the casino is the blackjack table. It is said to be a game with the highest odds of winning and sometimes gives the house an edge of one percent or even less. Focusing on such games gives you an advantage because it has simple rules which are relatively easy to master.

For those who base their luck on superstitious beliefs, their signs of luck mainly vary depending on their cultures. Despite the fact that some of these beliefs are outright absurd, the fact that it gave them a win in the past is a reason enough to maintain the practice. They include:

Wearing a Lucky Outfit

Many gamblers admit to having a specific set of clothes that they wear when going to the casino. It is believed that if you land a big win, the chances are that wearing them in the subsequent gaming session increases one’s odds of winning. According to the Chinese, the lucky outfit superstition is believed to replicate a previous success. This is the reason why you will always find some individuals with the same clothes each time you visit the casino.

Other Players Leaving the Table Mid-Game

While some people leave the table mid-game with the hope that the ritual will better their odds of winning in slots, an adept gambler should watch this mediocrity with delight. This is because those who perform the “leaving the table” rituals are often distracted and may not see some tricks coming their way. So, the next time you see some players leaving or looking aside, know that it is indeed your lucky day.

Holding on to the Lucky Charms

There are different lucky charms which vary depending on the country of origin of the player. These symbols have their own distinctive explanations as to why holding them during a game ushers in good luck.  These charms include a horseshoe, four-leaf clovers, and a rabbit’s foot. An individual can also have a customized charm, be it a stuffed toy or even a coin. Basically, if a superstitious gambler believes that any particular object could influence the impact of the game, he or she will carry it along.

Using Astrological Star Signs

While skill is often the primary factor that determines one’s level of success in a casino, there are studies which support the idea that birth dates and their corresponding star signs often influence the outcome of some games. According to the research, the luckiest star is Aries, followed by Gemini and Leo. Similarly, the stars with the least luck are Aquarius and Cancer. Therefore those who are born between March 21st and April 19th, have a reason to smile in the casino, while those whose star is Cancer can finally shift their blame in case they lose.

In conclusion, there are many signs of luck in a casino ranging from superstitious but logical signs to those which are completely absurd. However, an avid gambler should always bear in mind that the surest way to increase luck is by mastering the basics of the games.


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