Legality of Online Gambling Around the World

Online gambling has become a growing trend for a few years. There are many methods for transactions on casino websites, including Bitcoins, e-wallets, and many such options. There is even a PayPal casinos list in UK that focuses explicitly on the websites accepting transaction through PayPal. These casinos also follow specific rules required by the legal authorities. There are different laws for different jurisdictions regarding online gambling.

North America

 Each country in North America has its own set of rules and requirements regarding gaming websites. Only the US does not have any particular set of rules regarding whether gambling should be banned from the country or not. Canada and Mexico have established the legislative base for this activity.

While different countries have different rules for casino websites, it is a bit confusing as to whether a person is allowed to take part in playing the casino online or not. While the legislative base in Canada is flexible regarding casino services, it is still used differently by different jurisdictions in this area. The United States is considered the top market for online gaming and casino services in the world because of its flexible laws and the vast number of operators.


With so many countries having different approaches towards online casinos, Europe also has different rules and laws regarding this trend. While some countries strictly ban casino playing, others are ready to accept it. The jurisdictions that have allowed web-based casinos have a set of strict regulations to ensure the safety of the customers so that they won’t get tricked. The betting and games done are all legal and are followed according to the rules stated out by the government. The United Kingdom has legislative acts stating that overseas companies are not allowed for providing casino services. On the other hand, France which also has licensed online casinos enable foreign companies for web-based operations in their area. 


Australia has some strict rules regarding gambling. While live game betting and casino games are not accepted, people can still bet on traditional sports and take part in lottery games. The laws do allow overseas companies for offering such services to the residents of Australia. In New Zealand, overseas companies are permitted, and casino operators are considered legal, although the advertisement of such companies is stated as illegal. The government has some strict rules that are to be followed by all the companies offering services regarding gambling. If not followed, the government can take some severe actions against the companies and may even ban their license. 


The biggest continent in the world consisting of several countries, Asia has no unified legislative base for the countries. Many countries in Asia have some strict rules regarding gambling while others don’t have such rules.

Some Asian countries believe that casino playing should be banned. One can find that there are no casinos or online gambling in some of the countries in Asia, while some countries are on top of the list to play casinos. China is strictly against this activity, and the residents if found engaged in it are severely punished. While in India, the laws for gambling are flexible and are used in several ways for the customers. In the Philippines, there are some strict laws regarding gambling which is followed by the residents there. 


Africa is home to several religions and people. While the Islamic laws in Sudan strictly avoid casinos in the region, people who are caught in betting and even card games are punished. Morocco, which was influenced by French colony, follows the French culture of lottery and gambling. Kenya also has a lot of casinos, and this activity is considered to be a light sport. In metropolitan cities, it is considered as a game for relaxing the mind. There are flexible laws for casinos and their customers.

Different jurisdictions in different continents have a variety of laws for online casino services. Though people might have a different perspective of casino playing as an activity, legal authorities are there to allow the residents for online gambling or prohibit this activity. Due to certain religious beliefs in some areas, casinos are banned while in other countries it is banned due to security reasons. There may be some specific flexible laws for online casinos to be operated by local companies and strict rules stating not to allow overseas companies for this market. Online casino playing, when practiced in a country, should be done following the laws of the country made for the online gambling.


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