Must-Have Tech For Traveling

If you travel a lot for work or enjoy going away on lots of leisure trips each year, then you need to get yourself equipped with some tech to help you keep in touch and to make life on the move easier and more enjoyable. From a tablet computer to a smartphone kitted out with apps, there are loads of ways you can stay connected. Here are some ideas for tech to take away with you.

A smartphone

Having a reliable smartphone can help keep you connected in more ways than one – it’s an essential piece of travel tech. As well as being able to make and receive calls between you and your family and the office, you can also use your phone to check emails and to surf your social media accounts. Just make sure you check out your phone operator’s roaming charges and data usage rates, to avoid a massive bill when you get back from your travels!

A phone can also be your camera for your trip, helping you to snap some great memories. You can then send your pictures directly to contacts or upload onto platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Some apps

You should download some apps on to your smartphone which will help eases the stresses and strains of your life away from home. These can range from online banking, to help you keep across your finances, to travel guides – giving you the lowdown on destinations, hotels, and transport at your fingertips. Maps and GPS are also very useful functions to have, especially when you get lost!

A tablet computer

Having a tablet computer in your travel bag is a great thing. Not only can you use it to surf the net and keep on top of emails, but it can also be a mini television to keep you entertained while on the go. Before you head off from home, download some of your favorite programs and movies, make a playlist. You can then watch your videos while on a train or plane – an excellent way to unwind and pass the hours of a long journey.

You can even catch some live TV. Maybe you’re a World Cup fan? Then don’t let being away from home stop you from enjoying the sporting action, starting in June. Read all about the tournament on the Unibet website as you look forward to seeing it on your tablet!

A tablet computer can also help keep the kids entertained in the back of the car if you’re heading off on a long road trip.

And, for work, a tablet can be useful to show information in client meetings or to conduct presentations from.

Some wearable tech

Have a look around some of the tech stores for some wearable gadgets that might come in useful when you’re out and about. A smartwatch can help you keep track of messages and emails. And maybe, if you’re into sport, you can get some health monitoring devices to record how far you’ve run and how many calories you’ve burned.


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