How to Organize an Essay Writing Process

Have you ever done your college assignments at night? Why? What was the reason? Too many assignments? Or not knowing how to do something?

Statistics show that most students can’t handle their home assignments at college because of not knowing how to organize their study process correctly. At school, many students pay attention only to those disciplines and tasks, which might be useful for them later. But that’s what you can’t afford at uni. Every grade, every discipline, every assignment, and every test result can influence your diploma. Neglecting something because of not knowing how to do it properly or not having enough time to do it is definitely not an option. What can you do? You can either apply to a professional writing service for students for additional assistance, or you can learn how to study more effectively.


In fact, it is not difficult at all to organize your study process correctly. And we’re going to help you.

5 Tips to Submit Essays on Time

Whether you’re going to submit your essay on time or not depends on you and your ability to organize work properly. Of course, students have a lot of things to complete in one day. Still, this doesn’t mean all of those things can’t be done before the deadline. If you know how to organize your work process more effectively, you know how to handle at least the most important and urgent things on time.

So, if you are one of those who come after classes and start procrastinating a lot, here’s what you can do.

5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity while Studying

First of all, be ready to forget about gadgets, at least for a couple of hours. Scrolling Instagram and Facebook are the most time-consuming activities you can do. You’ll come back to them later in a more interesting way (we’re going to talk about this below).

  1. Prepare in advance. Having a diary or a planner, where you note a plan for tomorrow, is not a bad idea. If you know you have a couple of important assignments to do by the day after tomorrow, create a detailed plan what and when exactly you’re going to do – writing, reading, editing, researching, etc. Knowing all your assignments is already a big step to completing them on time.
  2. The next thing you have to do is to divide your homework into more and less important tasks. What should be done first? What is less urgent? Don’t write assignments for the next week if you still have a lot to do by tomorrow.
  3. Prepare a workplace. Keep your working space clean and tidy. If you know you won’t be able to focus on education at home because of TV, computer, or smartphone, choose a university library as a place for doing homework.
  4. Reward yourself. Education is not only about studying. It is also about the ability to relax when you need it most. An interesting thing is a reward system when you present yourself a small gift whenever something from your homework list is finished. It can be 15 minutes of chatting on Facebook, 15 minutes of Instagram, watching your favorite TV-show, having your favourite snack, or just a 30-minute walk with your dog. Pick any activity you like, and stimulate yourself to work better with it.
  5. Create a favorite music list. Scientists claim that listening to your favorite tracks while making a short break during a studying process stimulates your mind to work better. So, create a playlist of 5-7 tracks and listen to them whenever you make a break.
  6. Divide your assignment into several parts. If you have a 2.000-word essay for tomorrow, don’t try to complete it as a whole. Instead, divide that task into several small essays of 500 words and write everything step-by-step. Even a 10.000 word paper doesn’t seem to be scary at all when divided into four-five parts.
  7. And the last but not the least, think about cooperating with your friends. A teamwork is a good idea for college and university. Ask your friends to work together after classes. This guarantees you’re going to complete everything faster and better. Working together is about having more ideas and opinions about a particular topic than one person can do during the same period of time. By the way, even the most boring assignment ever isn’t so complicated and monotonous if doing it with your friends. With friends, you’ll see how a homework can be a fun thing to do.


So, that’s all for our small recommendations on improving your studying skills as well as future grades at college. Apply them in practice and have more time for other activities except education.


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