How DVDs and CDs still managed to maintain their Importance

Going down to the 80s and 90s, one can remember that the best item teens of that era had was a mixtape. Creating mixtapes for your friends was considered as a way to show your love to them. It was also the most creative way of doing something for anyone. Times changed and the era of computers begun. The first portable memory device at that time was floppy which was able to store only a few bytes of information in it. Later on CDs came which gave the users another way to store the data and create mixtapes as well. However, there is more use to this old school technology too.

Even though there are very few industries which still use the technology, but the CDs and DVDs have still managed to keep their importance alive till now. Even if you have a portable hard drive or a USB drive, you can make use of a CD or DVD to store data and take it with you wherever you go. It is also used to give someone else your data without having to give them all of your data in the hard drive. You can burn a CD or DVD with any form of data and transfer it from one place to another. This is the best way to create backups for your programs as well since you will be able to keep each project separate and safe in a very professional way. Burning a CD or DVD is an easy task which can be done by anyone on their own. Even then if you need help, you can find tutorials from the internet. There are various sites which provide different software, solutions for computer related issues and tutorials to perform different tasks as well. is one of those sites which can provide you software and tutorial both.

Not only you can save your personal data but you can also create backup for your system and burn it on a DVD in case you lose the information. The creation of backups and storing the information in extra places is truly important for anyone. Be it a student, a photographer, a programmer or a project manager. If you don’t create backups of your projects there are chances that you may end up losing your work in case you lose your main system. People who use hard drives for the storage of their data tend to delete old items and add new to the drive, damage the memory of the drive meanwhile. The drives also tend to get affected by viruses or malwares and can get corrupt easily.

Burning CDs or DVDs might sound old school and underrated however it is indeed very important. From storing project files to pictures videos and other multimedia files, these discs have served the people and their needs efficiently. They are still used to store the data and create backups no matter which system you are using, you can find software and tutorials dedicated to them.


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