Casino confrontation – Professionalism and Luck

In all games presented in the casino, without luck anywhere. And it is absolutely unimportant who plays – a beginner or an experienced professional. But the skill level should not be discounted, as it has a direct impact on luck. Also, luck depends on the game that the client chooses. For example, experience and knowledge of strategy are very important in blackjack, so a beginner can hardly rely solely on luck.

What kind of casino games is skill?

To increase your chances of winning and reduce the advantage of a casino, it is necessary to become familiar with the strategy of the game he chooses, especially if it is based on luck. Knowing the strategy, you can get a solid win …

  • Blackjack is a game in which skill is key. Professionalism can reduce the casino advantage to 0.5%. If the experience is skillfully combined with the most advantageous offers of the table and with a thought-out strategy, then you can get a good sum.
  • Poker allows customers to receive long-term winnings, because in this case the competition goes not with a gambling establishment, but with each other. The casino takes a tournament fee and an established commission. Of course, players with great experience and professionalism have a clear advantage over their opponents. You can learn the rules of poker and try one of the best card games.
  • Video poker has a return of up to 99.5%.

What kind of casino games is lucky?

What is good for newbies is that they do not need to “fill their heads” with various strategies. They are simply not needed in these games, so you can relax and enjoy the process.

  • Caribbean Stud, since in it the Edge is 5% (even if a well-thought strategy is chosen). In the Caribbean Stud the skill level is very important. Experienced players warn that there should be wary of rates from the jackpot, since in this case the advantage of a gambling establishment increases to 25%;
  • Bingo is based only on luck. The strategy here plays no role;
  • Keno, in fact, is a form of lottery. Its essence is simple – it is necessary to choose random numbers in the ticket in the hope that it is they who will fall out during the raffle. The advantage of a gambling establishment in this case is 25%. Come up with a strategy for Keno is unrealistic;
  • Slots. Here you can try to apply financial management, sometimes it helps. But in most cases, the strategy comes down to one thing – pull the handle and attract luck. But it is possible to choose those devices with higher return percentages.

Professionalism and luck

Not all games fall into one particular category. Some species are a combination of important factors such as professionalism and luck in varying proportions. The most prominent representatives of this group are baccarat, craps and roulette.

  • Baccarat. Professionals know how to bid correctly in order to have good prospects for a long time. If the bet is on the banker, the advantage of the institution is reduced to 1.06%. In cases where a bet is placed on a player, it increases to 1.24%. In all other variations, you should rely only on luck.
  • Roulette. The worst option for a player is American roulette. In it, the advantage of the casino is 5.26%. In the European version, this value is almost 2 times less – 2.7%. In French, even less – 1.35%.


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