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What’s New in Mobile Betting – and How You can Get in on the Action

We already know that mobile betting is on the up and up – more individuals are relying on their mobiles to bet on their favourite sports matches rather than physically visiting a brick and mortar shop. The convenience is there, after all, and it can’t be denied – why dress up and go out when you can simply click on a few buttons and place your bets online, from the convenience of your own home? You can do this at any time, at that. Thanks to technological advances, you can take advantage of some of the best free bets on the market and even place bets on real-time games – in-play betting is getting a lot more enthusiasts nowadays, as you can see the results as they happen, in real time. But what else is new in mobile betting, and how can you get in on the action?

More online wagers

As mentioned, an increasing number of punters are placing their bets online through their mobile phones. And this is not just done by younger punters, either – punters who are older and who have seen the benefits of mobile and digital technology are placing more of their bets through their smart phones and tablets as well. In fact, some studies show that bets on mobile could very well reach the £1 billion mark by next year.

Because of the rising trend of betting on mobile, you can expect bookmakers to also do their part. Think faster apps, better live streaming capabilities, more innovations when it comes to the placement of bets, and more. Some bookie sites have even begun offering ‘text bets,’ where you simply send them a text with your choice and the amount of your stake, and they’ll arrange your bet for you.

The social aspect

 You may already know that there are many betting forums which you can join online. These betting forums are the perfect platform for anyone who’s into sports betting, because you can get lots of tips and advice from both the experts and enthusiastic punters just like you. But there’s another thing that’s coming up, and it’s coming up big: sports betting on social media sites such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook. The community of punters in these sites is growing, and at a great pace. Perhaps, in time, you will see a social network solely dedicated to sports betting – but for now, you can well take advantage of social media platforms to learn more about sports betting and perfect your strategy as well.

The .bet domain name

For the techies out there, there’s one more thing to watch out for: the .bet domain name. It was announced last year that this domain name is ready for purchase, so you can expect to see some new sites springing up in the near future.

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