Search Engine Optimization: Reasons You Must Do SEO

Anyone who has used the Internet knows that e-commerce is very competitive. Every day hundreds of new websites integrate the millions of existing web-portals. This means that if you want your website to be discovered and highlighted by the search engines, you must arm yourself with the proper knowledge and tools that will allow you to place on out above the rest. So, if you want your e-commerce success, you need to learn the techniques of search engine optimization.

Through the internet, you can find all kinds of items and products, including those that have been discontinued from the windows shelves TPs. For example, a few days ago, my wife broke a few plates and fine china that had more than 20 years. This means that the set of dishes she considers valuable (sentimental value because it was a wedding gift), was now incomplete. But she had the great idea to do a search on the Internet, and soon found the manufacturer, and could order the pieces to complete the game. How could she find anything so old and discontinued? We could find that the manufacturer had taken the time to optimize your e-commerce portal on the Internet.

There are two types of techniques to achieve search engine optimization. These two techniques are recognized by the industry as “White Hat” (White Hat) and “Black Hat (Black Hat). Believe that the names but you already noticed of which technique to use, but you briefly explain what each one represents.

The technique of “White Hat” is the only way it should be used to promote your website. This technique is one that is subject to the rules of the search engines, and Google is the most used search engine in the world, so the rest of the search engines tend to follow what Google provides.

What exactly Google Searches?

A leader in Phoenix SEO tell us, both Google and other major search engines look for trusted sites that contain original and informative material. Google then ranks these sites and those deemed to be trustworthy with best content will appear in the first pages of results and get more “Page Rank”. Studies on Internet usage have found that people rarely visit the first two pages of results. This means that for your e-commerce to be successful, it is necessary for your company to appear in the first pages of results.

One of the factors in the white hat technique is to build links to your site. This is easily accomplished by writing something original, descriptive, and informative articles for your e-commerce. Once you have written these articles shall submit to sites that publish articles (like this website), but always taking care to publish your article in the category that best describes your business. If your business is selling cars, nothing worth building links to your website from a place that sells bikes only. Through the development of the Internet, programmers have written and used sophisticated algorithms to search engines, which can distinguish between what is considered SPAM hyperlinks, and hyperlinks related to the real content of your business. One thing you should not ignore is the use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Remember, the more people are talking about your site, the higher your traffic, and search engines will see you as an active and genuine site.

Black Hat technique is what made ??the techniques.

  1. Build your website hyperlinks to sites not related to your business.
  2. Buy traffic.
  3. Create thousands of hyperlinks in a coup.
  4. Send or submit the URL of your business to places with low or bad reputation.
  5. Post copied and promotional items.

There are numerous companies offering to optimize your page for better rankings in search results, but not all are reliable. Some offer great results in a short time, but the reality is that search engine optimization is something that takes time. Do not be fooled, getting a good position in the pages of search results cannot be guaranteed by anyone, but if you follow these basic instructions, and pay attention to which I have already mentioned, you can make your page get a good result.

The page title should be short, descriptive and contain keywords. The title should not contain more than 70 characters, this includes spaces.

Meta description page should be a summary of what is on that specific page. It should contain keywords that appear in the text description of the product or service and the title of the page. The content must not exceed 140 characters including spaces. Each page should have its own original description.

The content must contain a good description of what it offers, must contain keywords relate to the service or product, you can write all the text you want, but the first lines should be selling the product or service offered. When a description is very extensive, visitors tend to lose interest and leave your website.

The search engine optimization does not happen overnight, but if he tries, and uses the free resources that the major search engines offer, you can get your business begins to benefit. The search engine optimization will help you generate a good volume of traffic to your site, and this translates to profits.


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