How to Increase Your Blog Audience

The purpose of starting a blog is to share your knowledge, get more visibility for your business and drive more sales. You need an audience to meet all these objectives.

Building an audience for your blog requires a set of strategies in addition to having great content especially with the increasingly diminishing human attention. With so many blogs competing for the attention of internet user who don’t spend as much time on one website, you need to master techniques that hold visitors to your blog a little longer so you can make the conversions you want.

Here are tips to increase your blog traffic.

Define your niche

Don’t be a jack of all trades. Blogging about everything not only weakens your authority on particular subjects but also makes it difficult for you to build a reliable online brand. Lacking or not sticking to a blogging niche means your focus keeps shifting from one subject to another.

Define your niche and stick to it, then aim to be the voice of the authority on the particular subject. This way people know where to go when they want to learn about certain things.

Ideally, your title and URL should tell visitor what to expect like Best Pickleballpaddle Reviews.

Post fresh content regularly

It’s difficult to keep an audience if you blog only when you find the inspiration. To have a loyal audience, you need to post fresh content regularly. Quality content, not just posting for the sake of it with terrible content.

The key is to have a regular posting schedule that matches how often you can generate quality content. This can be bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, as long as your audience get fresh content faithfully after every specific duration. This also helps search engines give your blog a higher ranking.

SEO strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tapping into the power of search engines to drive organic to your blog.

Since billions of internet users go to search engines to find relevant content, you need to master SEO techniques if you want your blog to be ranked better, preferably the first page of search engine results page (SERP).

To achieve this, you must do your research on the relevant keywords as pertains to your blog, learn how to use them optimally in your content without spamming and build links that establish your blog as the go-to site on particular matters.

Indirectly draw attention to you blog

There are indirect ways to draw attention to your blog that could exponentially drive traffic to your blog. The first method is through guest blogging.

By writing for other blogs and websites, and including backlinks to your blog, you tap into the host blog’s audience and direct them to your site and also get more SEO points. This also positions you as an influential blogger.

The second way to increase your audience is by commenting on other blogs and relevant forums. In addition to giving you visibility, it also a great way to network and connect with other bloggers.

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