How to Backup SMS from LG G6 to PC

Hello Everyone, What’s up? We have discussed a lot about managing multimedia files on our Android smartphones before in our website but in this article, we are going to discuss about one of the most critical question asked in our blog about how to back SMS from LG G6 to PC. Transferring text messages from Android to PC is not similar to copying multimedia files such as music, pictures and videos to PC because text messages are saved in database forms in our Android smartphones that cannot be copied directly.

If you are a regular texter like everyone else then there’s no doubt that you have a huge inbox with tons of important and personal messages that you would like to keep with you forever. Text messaging experience has improvised a lot with latest Android smartphones and especially with LG G6 due to its wide, bright and larger screen. With the Android 4.0 update, you can even send and receive video and audio messages in real time and track their delivery status.

When you have such a leaden and heavy inbox, you may want to backup your SMS collection regularly to avoid any data loss in future. Like any other Android smartphones, LG G6 also has tendency to crash, force restart, malfunction due to virus attack and so on, that may lead to data damage on your smartphone. So, unless you want to see a desolate inbox, you should backup them on a regular basis so that you can at least retrieve them if needed in the future.

Of course, the best place to keep a backup of your SMS is in your own PC. But unfortunately, you cannot transfer messages to PC directly. So, to successfully backup and transfer your messages from LG G6 to PC, you will be required to take assistance from a desktop Android Manager that can backup your SMS and restore them whenever required.

Android Manager is a luminous and well-known desktop Android managing tool that can control your entire Android device directly from your PC. It’s like you are running an Android smartphone on your PC. You can fully backup your device and restore them on other Android phones, you can manage your multimedia files, root your smartphone, add and remove contacts, send and receive messages and so on. In short, whatever you can perform from an Android device, you can also do that from Android Manager. Heck, you can even play and run Android apps and games in it.


  • Personal Android File Manager to control your Android phone from PC.
  • Backup & Restore entire smartphone with a single click.
  • Manage your contacts directly from PC including adding, removing or editing new contacts.
  • Root your Android device with a single click.
  • Recover deleted files and restore them back on your phone.
  • Erase junk and garbage files to create more room on your Android.
  • Transfer data from one phone to another without copying them to PC.
  • Mirror your device and manage your phone from PC.
  • Personalized SMS Desktop assistant. Send, receive, read and delete messages from computer.

How to Backup SMS from LG G6 to PC with MobileGo?

Despite the fact that MobileGo can backup your complete Android device, but if you want to backup only messages from LG G6 to PC then you can even perform individual backups and transfer only messages from Android to PC.

Head to TunesBro site and download the program on a Mac or Windows computer. Install it and launch the program to see its delightful user interface. Then perform the following steps to backup messages to your PC.

Step 1. Connect LG G6 to PC with a USB data cable or you can connect your PC and LG G6 under the same Wi-Fi connection to establish a connection between them.

Step 2. Select SMS from the left sidebar and it should appear all the text messages from your LG G6.

Step 3. Select all the messages that you wish to transfer from LG G6 to PC and hit the “Save As” button.

Step 4. For your convenience, you can save messages in both XML and text file format. Select the suitable format and hit the “Save” button.

Now, wait for the program to transfer all your messages from LG G6 to PC and after it is finished, you can open the file on your PC to review the messages.


In our blog, we have always listed the best-performed software after researching and testing them to its full extend.  MobileGo is very famous and well-known tool featured on countless authority magazine websites such as CNET, Softpedia, Filehippo and so on. You can even read the reviews done by millions of satisfied customers and if you still have any doubts then obviously, you can download the software for free and try it for yourself to see its real potential.


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