The Best Gifting Idea For People With Wanderlust

Possibly one of the coolest ideas for gifting for people with wanderlust is a Scratch off travel map. In its simplest definition, this is a world map with a top coating that can be scratched off to reveal the places that you have visited.

A scratch-off world map can help you to keep a track of what you need to complete your bucket list and can help to be a journal of your travels. Here’s an interesting page in this regard: Apart from being a really thoughtful gift, it can be a great display piece in your home that is sure to be an ice-breaking conversation starter when you have friends over.

Types of Scratch off travel maps

  1. The original map

This is the basic style which features a beautifully stylized world map which is up to date and can be viewed when you scratch off the covering. The map can thus be completely personalized to express a unique travel story which can be created with any coin and is continually changing as more areas are revealed. The maps are generally printed on high-quality silk art paper with a gold glossy coating that can be scratched off like a scratch card.

  1. Deluxe version

The deluxe version of the map features even more detailed with the representation of the features on a larger scale with added islands, details and stylistic features. The map features a black background with a copper foil top coat which looks sophisticated and slick. The bright colored map underneath can look absolutely striking against the background and pop even further. If you are looking for a map that shows the land and ocean features and a more intricate map, this is the one for you. It can also help you plan out in details, your next trip when one is over.

  1. Discovery map

If you are an adrenaline junkie with wanderlust, this is the ideal map for you. This map set is a step further on the deluxe version and comes with a beautiful design and a kit that allows you to not only log the details of your travel and document the places you have been to but also really allow you to extensively log the activities that you are planning to do or have partaken in with the help of special stickers. This map is perfect if you want to plan a vacation as well as it shows you an extensive guide of the popular tourist attractions, the capital, and the major cities, the resorts, national parks, lakes, mountains, rivers, deserts etc.

  1. Gourmet scratch map

If you are an avid foodie, this is the ideal map for you. This travel world map can help you discover the local cuisines and the food to try out for the particular place you are traveling to and help you create a gourmet trail throughout the world map.

Thus, with plenty of options to suit everyone’s needs, these scratch maps are some of the best gifts you can give to your friends or family that can be passed on through generations.

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