Tech Your Start-Up Can Benefit from This Year

Technological innovations have transformed the way that businesses operate, and the advances have meant that people are able to work smarter and not harder. As a start-up, you are ideally placed to take full advantage of the technology that is available and begin your business journey on the right foot.

Here are three ways that technology can be used to help your business grow.

Virtual Office

When a business is young, each investment counts, and one of the greatest costs to affect all businesses is the cost of leasing. While the idea of having an office where you can meet clients and collaborate with colleagues is appealing, technology has provided the opportunity to side step this costly expenditure. There are a variety of platforms that help remote workers to collaborate without the geographical need to be close. You can achieve results without the high initial outlay.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essential for start-ups. Whereas traditional marketing methods focused on attracting consumers to a product, digital marketing takes the product directly to a highly targeted consumer – to the very people who need the product or service that you are providing.

Each digital representation of your business has the potential to promote the business:

  • Website
  • Social media platforms
  • Search engines
  • E-mail

To fully harness the power of digital marketing, a clear and concise understanding of the target audience is needed. By developing a buyer persona of the ideal customer you will be able to identify the best ways to market your products or services and know where the consumer is likely to be online. The research that is undertaken will shape every marketing decision that is made: brand personality, SEO, keywords, content that is created, and images that are used.

Not only does digital marketing take the product directly to potential consumers, but the data that is collated can also be used to shape future marketing efforts. Digital marketing is so successful because it enables decisions to be based on metrics rather than being emotionally-led. Any flaws in a campaign can easily be adjusted so that its performance can be improved on and successful features can be replicated in future campaigns. Outsourcing to digital marketing companies such as can help you to gain a deeper insight into your site’s performance, so you don’t waste valuable time and resources.

Project Management Software

Time and workflow management are crucial to being able to work efficiently, and digital project management platforms are popular and useful ways to help manage time. If you want to drive your business forward you need to have strong organizational skills that ensure time is not wasted.

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Introduce a standard approach to managing the business
  • Keep schedules visible
  • Document who is accountable for tasks
  • Identify tasks for delegation
  • Improve collaboration

Technological innovations have levelled the playing field between young businesses and more established organizations. Technology has never been so accessible and affordable. You now have access and data that previous generations of entrepreneurs simply didn’t have to drive business growth.



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