Issues You Need to Deal With Before Choosing a Printer Leasing Deal

The idea that you can just lease a printer instead of buying one is good for your business. You can now use a high-quality printer for various purposes without spending a lot of money. If you are done using the printer or if the big event is over, you can return it.

This is way cheaper than having documents printed elsewhere. It is even cheaper than investing in a new high-quality printer that you will only use temporarily. Before you rent a printer, here are some issues that you need to consider.


You need to know the cost of the printer if bought. This will give you an idea of whether or not it is better for you to opt for printer leasing. If the monthly fees are too high and the new printer is not that expensive, the latter might be the more practical choice. However, this does not happen all the time. Usually, it is still more practical to just rent the printer over a certain period of time. The point is that you research first about the price of the equipment before agreeing to anything.

Duration of the contract

You will be bound to the leasing company for a given period of time. Usually, if you are renting the equipment over a longer period, you will be asked to pay less each month. However, you also need to consider if you will really need the printer that long. If you need it for just a few months, there is no point in getting a long-term contract.

Other services

Aside from leasing the printer, you should also be provided with maintenance services. This is something that printer leasing companies can provide that you can’t get if you buy a new printer. Choosing the latter means you will be responsible for the printer and need to figure out a way to fix it in case something goes wrong. There are also leasing companies that provide free supplies along with the printer.

Consider owning the printer

After some time, you will know if you really are comfortable with the printer. You can grab the opportunity to own it. The company might offer you the printer for a cheaper amount since you have already started paying for it via leasing it over a certain period of time. If you will need to use the printer for more tasks, it is best if you grab the chance to purchase it, if the price is right.

Searching for the best printer leasing Oxford offers is easy. There are several companies that can offer this kind of service at a reasonable cost. Take time to compare the options before signing any agreement.

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