Informing Your Employees about Time Tracking Software is Essential

The idea of using time tracking software is not necessarily new. It has been around for some time. In fact, a lot of companies have already started using this software in order to improve their employees. Some of them succeeded in doing the necessary changes. Others failed. The main reason why some have failed is because they just used the software without being clear about it.

As a result, the employees resented the idea and others even threatened to leave. This is an understandable consequence. When something is new and it seems like you are being treated unfairly because of it, you will most likely leave and search for a better job. However, if the use of the software is explained well, employees will understand why it is used and how it could change them for the better.

Be clear about your objectives

Right from the start, you need to let employees know that the objective is not to make them feel bad. They should not feel as if they are being spied on because you are monitoring their actions all the time. Doing it this way will most likely lead to a negative result. However, if you are clear about what exactly it is that you want to happen, which is to improve the company, they will be more supportive.

Let’s face it. There are employees who are not doing well with their jobs. If you want them to contribute, the software should be used. You should also let them know that if they are already doing their best at their job, there is nothing to be worried about. 

Give them time to adjust

Once you introduce time tracking software at work, let the employees navigate it first and see how it works. Don’t make them feel like they are doing something totally new and they have to adjust right away. It takes time for them to become familiar with using the software. Just let them adjust and soon they will be more comfortable with it.

See the changes

Over time, people will see the value of this change. They will even thank you for allowing them to change organically using this software. They won’t resent you anymore knowing that you have done your best to make them understand the purpose of the software.

Besides, if they see the value of the software in their personal lives, they will not get angry anymore. The goal is to improve themselves and be better, not just at work, but with their life in general. Hopefully, you can guide your employees well and they will be cooperative even if there might be some resistance at first.

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