Influencers: digital marketing trends

No digital marketing campaign can avoid them. Who are we referring to? Of course to the influencers: whether they are macro, micro or mega, their importance in the communication strategies of any type of company is there for all to see. Certainly in some areas (fashion, music, big brands in general) their weight is even higher, but in one way or another those that were once called opinion leaders, are increasingly involved in the communication strategies throughout the world and we could even bet on it, maybe on,  that the wave will continue to grow even more.

But what are the main trends to follow dealing with influencers in recent months? We are increasingly moving towards a greater integration among different types of influencers. For example, the above mentioned micro influencers must not be underestimated, even for big brands or for those who have important budgets to invest since, even though they have a more limited audience (but often more targeted) compared to their macro and mega cousins, often they boast a higher engagement rate. 2018 is, therefore, showing to be, following the guidelines observed by the most important communications agencies in the world, the year of integrated strategies to make the most of the strengths of all three types of social actors already listed.

And also in the social influencer world, we are going towards the rediscovery of lasting relationships. Involving Influencers with a high flow rate to push a product through a single content will certainly bring considerable numbers, but undoubtedly temporary.

Besides, the public is more and more clever, ready to perceive the lack of authenticity of a too commercial message. Better choosing an influencer with a lifestyle that is consistent with the personality of the brand in a lasting relationship and that is perceived as sincere as possible.

Then 2018, in terms of social digital marketing, is proving to be increasingly inclined to raise the bar of quality of the proposed content. Social media invade our lives everywhere in a permanent way and there is a real overdose of communication. Being able to stand out from the others, proposing a storytelling that is well perceived by the recipient of our message, will be an element of extraordinary importance to make the difference.

Obviously, everyone wants to get the same result and therefore it is not easy to impose on competitors. The winning mix? Take advantage of the trends of the moment in a way that is not too loose, always with a pinch of nonconformity proving to be otherwise different. Always do it without exceeding, not to fall into the perception of intellectual snobbery that is definitely unwelcome by the public.

Despite all this, social influencer marketing is still something very unexplored, especially in terms of a clear understanding of the ROI (Return on investment) and therefore it is still very important today to experiment and explore all the possible ways. Faced with a world in constant evolution and change, being present everywhere and trying out the many possible paths, will allow us to never lag behind competitors and never find ourselves having to chase after what might be the new trends.

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