4 Ways To Keep Your Business Data Safe in the Cloud

If you own a business, you will know that there are many obstacles in the way of keeping it safe and secure for both your employees and customers online. As the business world moves online, the cloud is offering numerous benefits for businesses, but it also comes with risks to data security. When your business processes sensitive information but needs the speed and storage of the cloud, you can find yourself in a predicament. Although finding your way around cloud security may be difficult, there are many tools and tips for you to put in place which will help you keep your business data safe in the cloud.

Follow password tips

With security, it is best to cover all your bases and start small. This means ensuring the safety of the first measure that keeps your data safe: your passwords. Passwords are often the first target that hackers try and crack. Passwords are used to make sure it is only you who can access what you need. This is why it is essential for you to follow tips to make your password more secure, such as never using the same password for multiple uses, and not using obvious information that people could guess at.

Control user access

Unless you are the sole person in your business, you will have at least a few employees in your office, or scattered across the globe in remote working positions. In any case, you need to make sure that they can access all the content they need, and that they are the only ones able to access it. Controlling user access is one of the main steps you need to take on the cloud, as you will be able to keep out any unwelcome visitors with a flawlessly designed service. This service will enable you to make new users, set limitations, and track what your workers are doing online.

Keep sensitive data offline

When much of your business data is kept on the cloud, it is easy to want to keep even the most sensitive information in the same place. While you can encrypt files that contain such data, these are still easier to access than those kept on your hardware or written down for safe-keeping. However, no matter how safe you are, there will still be times when sending sensitive data across will be an essential part of the business, so be careful about who you are sending it too, and make sure your files are kept under wraps.

Implement security training

You can follow such safety measures all you like, but unless your workforce knows anything about them, your business will remain a target for cyber threats. Although it may seem a waste of time, having an engaging training program is definitely worth it in the long run. This way, employees can learn about the dangers of the cloud, as well as become well versed in what they can do to stay safe online, is the best way to get this important message across. If they are safe when using the cloud, then your business has an extra layer of protection added to it from day one.


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