How To Keep Your Website Secure

If you’ve made the effort to take full advantage of the benefits of your business website, then you’re probably already aware of the potential security risks. Having a website is becoming an increasingly essential part of any business, but it can also act as a pathway into your online systems and a way for cybercriminals to gain access to your sensitive data. That’s why there are a number of key security tools and strategies that will reinforce your security and provide your defenses with a boost that will help to dissuade hackers from attempting a breach. For those hoping to optimize the security of their website, then these key points will act as a strong initial line of defense.

4 Digital Trends You Need to Know About

The digital landscape is far from static; it is founded on technologies that evolve quickly and spur innovations, and it is critical to your business’ success that you keep up to speed with the trends and understand their far-reaching influences. Here are the 4 digital trends you need to know about for 2018.

  1. Niche Social

With Facebook and other social media platforms coming under serious fire for abusing its data, people who use social media are moving towards select niche social media platforms that promote trust and transparency. They are beginning to filter towards closed niche social networks and private groups that are more relevant to their experiences, interests and circumstances.

How you incorporate this shift into your marketing strategy requires much thought, but consider the industry-relevant marketplace that your brand is in, and how you can be selective to appeal to the more discerning social media user. For example, if your product is sport related, it may be wise to have a member only forum that will appeal to your target audience – people still want to share experiences, but they want to be protected.

  1. Privacy

Privacy and its regulations are hot topics for 2018. In Europe, the new GDPR legislation covers how businesses store and use personal data that has been harvested during business transactions. The legislation also applies to countries based outside of Europe if they have data about European consumers, but the fundamentals of GDPR tie in with what people want from their online experiences, i.e. consumers put first, privacy respected, companies to be honest, fair, transparent and accountable. You must ensure that data you have about your customers is secure, and you are responsible for it.

How you protect your customers’ data is vitally important and can be a great way to develop the trust that consumers have in your brand. Choose cutting-edge developments in technology such as a CASB to protect your data, your customers and your business.

  1. Voice Search

Unless you have been living on the moon, you will be familiar with who Alexa is. Google Home and Amazon Echo are the main players in voice search with their digital assistants, and this is just the beginning of a new wave of how we interact with technology. The influence that this will have on how you market your business must not be underestimated. You need to incorporate voice search into your SEO strategy – keywords are going to lose kudos and be replaced with longtail phrases that people use in everyday speech – you need to jump on this bandwagon before Google monetizes voice search and, just as importantly, before your competitors.

  1. Mobile Speed

This isn’t new for 2018 by any stretch of the imagination, but you must make sure that your website is fully optimized for mobile device users. You really are going to be left behind your competitors if you fail to make the necessary adjustments to your website – but this doesn’t just apply to the site’s aesthetics – it applies to the site’s load speed. According to Google, 53% of visitors will abandon a site if it fails to load within 3 seconds. That’s the expected benchmark, and you know that you will be penalized if you fail to adhere to Google’s guidelines – ignore them at your peril.

Keeping up with trends is more than gaining the competitive edge. It forces you to regularly review your business practices and procedures which drives efficiencies and profits margins. Using updated strategies to reach your business goals keeps your business fresh and fluid with movement that is as far from static as the digital landscape in which it exists.

4 Technology Services You Might Be Overpaying For

Have you added up your technology bills recently? Proper research and price comparisons can save you a lot of money when it comes to the services and products you need. Many Americans don’t price-shop for their most basic technology purchases, and they end up overpaying. Here is a list of four technology services you are likely overpaying for.

Books, Movies, and Magazines

It seems we have all forgotten about our public library system. Many don’t realize it has even gone digital, with apps and tools available to sync your tablets to the world’s largest free library of books and magazines. Despite the fact it is easy to get these things for free, people still pay for e-book downloads, movie rentals, and magazine subscriptions.

Cloud-Based Storage

Today more than ever we are relying on cloud-based storage. That said, we tend to just buy into the services that are the most convenient vs. comparing cloud services and options. For example, iPhone users run out of space and Apple has the perfect solution with just a scan of your fingerprint. That service is one of the most expensive cloud storage solutions on the market.

A little research will help save on unnecessary bills. Dropbox, for example, offers a free account with 2 GB of storage and the option to increase your storage by linking your contacts and following their social feeds. If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user, you’ll be eligible for 1 TB of cloud storage with your yearly subscription.

Cable and Internet Packages

We’ve all heard the pitch — bundle your cable, phone, and internet services and save money. The problem is that once you’ve locked yourself into a company’s bundle, many don’t compare packages with other services. Understand the services you use most and how much you are using them. For example, many are streaming TV through services like Netflix and Amazon and watching less cable TV. We pay for expensive bundle packages without thinking about reducing the costs of these services by paying for what we use vs. an overpriced bundle.

When was the last time you sat down and compared all these cable and internet packages? Companies are always adjusting their promotions and offerings, and switching to a new carrier may get you a better deal.

Cell Phone Plans

Another area where many of us overspend is with our cell phone plans. When purchasing a plan, we ask questions including:

  • How much data is included?
  • How many minutes do I get?
  • Can I get a “free” iPhone?

The questions we should be asking, however, are:

  • How much data do I use?
  • How many minutes do I use?
  • What is the actual cost of that “free phone”?

When it comes to cell phone plans, we fall victim to the sales pitch vs. analyzing the actual costs. We don’t want to pay overage charges for data or voice minutes, so we buy packages that include minutes or data we don’t need. We want the latest and greatest iPhone and are willing to lock ourselves into a contract and spend more per month on a cell phone that would cost less if we just purchase it outright.

Once we are locked into these contracts, we tell ourselves that getting out will be too expensive as we will have to pay a termination fee. If you spend the time to research other companies, you will find that carriers like T-Mobile make switching carriers easy by covering early termination fees. Now that T-Mobile is the nation’s fastest network, you might even end up with better service than you had before.

How to Avoid Overpaying for Technology Services

Here are a few simple strategies to avoid overpaying for your technology services:

  • Look for a free alternative.
  • Track your usage and spending and understand what you need.
  • Shop around and compare services from all competitors.
  • Don’t assume that a bundle is always the best deal.
  • Don’t get stuck in an expensive contract in exchange for a not-so-free product.
  • Don’t be afraid to switch companies.

Doing a little research and weighing your needs vs. the costs of the service can save you money. Don’t be afraid to make the switch from a brand you’ve been with for a long time. Sometimes, they will even match a competitor’s price just to keep you.

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Learning Java: Where to Start?

Every second web application and website is built on Java. The popularity of this programming language has grown dramatically over the past few years, bypassing even PHP. Thus, it is nowadays the best time to learn Java.

If you want to become Java developer, read our post to know what skills you need to develop and what resources you can use for that purpose. It is not enough to know java core to become a professional in Java; there are much more specs you should be aware of.

Required Knowledge

In order for you to proudly call yourself a Java developer, you need to have at least a common understanding of the following things:

  • The syntax of the language, namely Java Core;
  • Basics of Object-Oriented Programming;
  • Database Basics (SQL);
  • JDBC;
  • Servlets + JSP;
  • ORM (for example, Hibernate);
  • Any popular Web-Framework (for example, Spring);
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • VCS (GIT, SVM or the like)

Java Core

This includes knowledge and understanding of the class hierarchy in Java, methods of the Object class and, of course, the collection of frameworks. Otherwise, you will not be able to write quality code. To keep abreast of the things, we recommend you to read books on the basics of Java and only afterward study the specifications this programming language.

Proceed with reading the technical documentation. After studying one of the books such as “Java 8: The Complete Guide” by Shiltd, “The Philosophy of Java” by Eckel, read code samples outlined in the documentation. These should become a repository of knowledge for you.

Object-Oriented Programming & SQL

On top of that, you are to know how the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) works. It is recommended to study the principles of its operation on the specification of Oracle (Java Virtual Machine Specification). After knowing the basics of the language, start studying the databases and SQL. Here, you will be extremely helped by all the different guides (tutorials) and documentation. The book “MySQL 5.0” will be useful for you to understand how the SQL server is built and what operations it can perform.

Frameworks & Code

All frameworks also need to be studied according to the technical documentation. For each of them, you can find high-quality documentation. So it is enough to search for the relevant one. And the most important thing is read lots of Java code. If you do not want to study the code, then we have bad news for you. Reading the code is 70-80% of your work to become a professional Java developer.

Broaden Your Knowledge

We have extra advice for those who dream of becoming Java programmers. Regularly go to conferences organized by renowned companies. If there is an opportunity to sign the dev courses in one of the companies, just do it! This will increase your chances of reaching the goal at times.

Choose Top Notch EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Halfway through working online, if you lose data, it is irritable. Your systems are not retrieving data. You are certainly helpless. To have the solution, you must find EaseUs data recovery software to settle the issue.

Innovative Data Recover Tool

Upgrade edition of EaseUs data recovery software is cost efficient for economical consumers. Faster process of data recycling is not difficult for a person. This remarkable data retrieving platform has unique features. Data are safe and unchanged after the complete recovery from the system. EaseUs gives different content recovery methods. All tasks take place faster.  Formatted and deleted content from hard drive is quickly restored.

Easy Guide to Recover Lost Files

Have free online guide from tech support consultants to download/reload the EaseUs data recycling toolkit which is now being used by over million online visitors. Free demos on data recovery must give a preview and roadmap to rookies to save data.  Big companies, small enterprising agencies, media, educational institutes and in-house offices install awe-inspiring data recovery software to protect their digital files/video documents/snapshots/data in HTML format.

Quick and Deep Scanners 

  • EaseUs data recovery software has two scanners for content checking. Quick scanner gives an overview content filtration overview. For more authentic content cross checking, you should activate the deep  data scanner to avoid malware

Simple Method to Recover Images/ph0ots in Various Formats

  • Plug in to restart EaseUs data recovery wizard and select the disk for data recovery
  • Scan all materials before transformation
  • A fast preview is on display
  • Do mouse click on the data recovery button
  • All your pictures scanned are brought to the targeted disk without spam issue

The digital data/image and pdf files recovery is less time consuming. Old and discolored images can be retrieved.  People don’t need extensor or third party jail broken software to continue the flawless data retrieval process.

New Updates

11.0 edition for Mac is now in new shape with more innovative tech details. Customers depend on this remodeled 11.0 EaseUs data recovery software. 100 percent perfection in content retrieving is maintained by EaseUS toolkit.  Comparing to local data recycling tools,  EaseUS 11.0  data recovery software is appreciably qualitative. UI optimization is also good. EaseUS data restoration software pulls up lost video images from memory card of the camera.  Therefore, in the event of image loss, make usage of this hands free software to restore data/images.

EaseUS Supports Multiple Languages

EaseUS data restoration software has the good language translator. That means, it detects multiple languages to follow the commands to enhance brilliant data recovery. It supports following languages

  • English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, and Português

Does EaseUS Debugs Data?

If your system has lack of proper data protection, it will give you technical aid to stop content bugging. Data are debugged and then deployed to the specific areas of your disk.

Availability of Good Custom Packages 

The data recovery budget is very attractive and user-friendly to people.  Basic plan offers free 2 gb data retrieving support.  Other two different customizable packages are also cost effective at the competitive prices.  Pro and Wine+PE data restoration plans are productive to people.

Combination of bootable media and data recovery wizard speeds up the compact data restoring process.  With Bootable Media Package at around $129, enjoy the unlimited data recovery access with the live tech guidance.

EaseUS data recovery software is recommended by big bosses in IT industry. It is one of the top notch data restoration toolkits in the world.  In this connection, have tips and useful suggestions from tech consultants how to install EaseUS data recovery software for expecting trouble free content/image restoration.

4 Ways To Keep Your Business Data Safe in the Cloud

If you own a business, you will know that there are many obstacles in the way of keeping it safe and secure for both your employees and customers online. As the business world moves online, the cloud is offering numerous benefits for businesses, but it also comes with risks to data security. When your business processes sensitive information but needs the speed and storage of the cloud, you can find yourself in a predicament. Although finding your way around cloud security may be difficult, there are many tools and tips for you to put in place which will help you keep your business data safe in the cloud.

Follow password tips

With security, it is best to cover all your bases and start small. This means ensuring the safety of the first measure that keeps your data safe: your passwords. Passwords are often the first target that hackers try and crack. Passwords are used to make sure it is only you who can access what you need. This is why it is essential for you to follow tips to make your password more secure, such as never using the same password for multiple uses, and not using obvious information that people could guess at.

Control user access

Unless you are the sole person in your business, you will have at least a few employees in your office, or scattered across the globe in remote working positions. In any case, you need to make sure that they can access all the content they need, and that they are the only ones able to access it. Controlling user access is one of the main steps you need to take on the cloud, as you will be able to keep out any unwelcome visitors with a flawlessly designed service. This service will enable you to make new users, set limitations, and track what your workers are doing online.

Keep sensitive data offline

When much of your business data is kept on the cloud, it is easy to want to keep even the most sensitive information in the same place. While you can encrypt files that contain such data, these are still easier to access than those kept on your hardware or written down for safe-keeping. However, no matter how safe you are, there will still be times when sending sensitive data across will be an essential part of the business, so be careful about who you are sending it too, and make sure your files are kept under wraps.

Implement security training

You can follow such safety measures all you like, but unless your workforce knows anything about them, your business will remain a target for cyber threats. Although it may seem a waste of time, having an engaging training program is definitely worth it in the long run. This way, employees can learn about the dangers of the cloud, as well as become well versed in what they can do to stay safe online, is the best way to get this important message across. If they are safe when using the cloud, then your business has an extra layer of protection added to it from day one.

Do You Know What’s Hot in Entertainment Tech?

Technological change happens at such a rate it can be hard to stay on top of all the newest developments. You’re just getting used to one new service when another comes along and makes the first obsolete. Since VHS won the videotape war with Betamax way back in the eighties, there’s been an ever-increasing turnover of new technologies scrambling over ones that have only been around for what seems a very short length of time. When VHS conquered the video market, they looked set to dominate for years to come, but were almost immediately blown out of the water with the arrival of DVDs and CDs. Of course, not all new tech is successful. Advances keep on coming and the pace of change looks set to keep accelerating into the future.

Streaming services

Streaming services are the big growth area in visual entertainment. Following the rise of cable and digital TV stations, the most significant change has been the adoption of streaming to watch TV programs and films. This type of service appeals because you are no longer restricted by what is on a channel’s schedule, you can just watch whatever you want whenever you want. As long as you have a sufficient broadband signal, you can watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you like, giving the consumer the ultimate choice over their viewing. Companies like Now TV and Direct TV that provide these services have their own name – virtual multichannel video programming distributors (vMVPDs), and new players are continually entering the market. YouTube is considered to be a vMVPD too, with its vast content all available on demand. As a consequence of the proliferation of channels and services, new companies are emerging looking to take advantage of the almost overwhelming quantity of programming available by providing streamlining solutions for consumers, known as cord-shaving.

Screens and TVs

Recent years have seen a mind-boggling variety of technology utilized in flat screen TVs, and you’ll probably be familiar with things like high definition, 3-D, LED, LCD and Blu Ray. They all seem to have their champions, and some have proved more popular and enduring than others, but again the highest spec TV of a few years ago has seen advancements since. The current trend is 4K TV, which has a screen resolution of 4,000 pixels and is ultra-high definition. Given the drive for an ever more sharp, realistic viewing experience, consumers are likely to be demanding this kind of quality as a minimum on all their viewing devices.

Virtual and augmented reality

The pixel perfect artificial reality of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s holodeck on the Starship Enterprise may still be some way off, but VR and AR are advancing towards that vision in leaps and bounds. Immersive video games are the most familiar concepts, and this experience can now be shared by players at home and across the Internet. The Merge Cube is a clever AR device that allows you to experience virtual reality scenarios simply and cheaply using an app on your cell phone or the Merge headset. Being able to make use of this kind of technology at home makes it much more accessible for the average consumer, rather than it being the preserve of hardcore gamers, so there’s likely to be a massive take-up of home-based VR and AR applications.


Sony’s Play Station and Microsoft’s Xbox still dominate the gaming console market, but there has been rapid growth in shared gaming platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, and games like Pokémon Go! that use an element of virtual reality. The popularity of shared user experiences and the innovation of being able to go out in the real world to find virtual characters has been such that there is bound to be an expansion of this market. Serious gamers are sticking with their massively powerful custom-built gaming PCs, and in fact building and designing your own has become almost as popular as playing the games. The exterior appearance of gaming tech may not have changed drastically, but the internal technological advances have ensured devices have more processing power and speed. Keyboards are crucial for the lightning quick response times gamers require, and there is a flourishing market for top mechanical models for gamers.

Up, up and away

No matter how old you are, there is bound to be a toy out there that brings a smile to your face. The great thing about tech-based toys is that because they seem clever and complex, they qualify as being suitable for adults. Many people don’t worry about playing with big boys’ toys anyway, and the tech toy industry is a huge business. Drones continue to be popular, with new versions that are themed from popular culture adding an extra dimension to the basic concept. Robots are one of the big movers, with technological developments steadily transforming them into the kind of interactive humanoid beings we have come to know from science fiction. The new Star Wars Stormtrooper robot is a good example of the combination of robotic technology with AR capabilities. The Mekamon fighting robot is eerily lifelike in the way it moves, rather like a spider, and will battle with other robots. If you fancy having a go at building your own robot, the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit enables you to build your own R2D2 from scratch, and then program it to perform simple tasks. The Anki Overdrive racing cars are a neat combination of a Scalextric type track and racing experience with the interactive capability of an AR app.

These toys are good examples of how AR and VR are crossing over into realms outside the immersion video game sphere. This is the kind of adaptation that is likely to proliferate in the coming years as the technology both improves and becomes more accessible. If you’re not keeping up with all the trends and new developments in tech entertainment, you could be missing out on some truly amazing experiences! Be sure to check out your options in terms of getting on board with the latest tech.

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