A Look at the Traits of Successful Project Managers

Whether running a blog, a marketing campaign, or a business, project management is one of the skills that you will need to nail in order to be successful.  Once your project or business reaches a certain size, it will no longer be possible to do everything yourself, and so you will need to delegate effectively in order to maintain it.

According to the online MSMPP program of Brandeis University, successful project managers share a number of common traits.  Among these are the ability to communicate clearly, the ability to delegate effectively, the ability to be politically sensitive, and the ability to mobilize workers.  Good project managers also tend to have high self esteem and a lot of enthusiasm for the project they are working on.

You can find out more about successful project management from the infographic below.

The Many Tasks of an Efficient Project Manager

Brandeis University M.S. in Project and Program Management Online

This infographic was created by http://projectmgmt.brandeis.edu/.

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