PPC Management – Don’t Make These Classic Errors

We all make mistakes. Hopefully, once made, we learn and then never repeat them. But what if we could learn from the mistakes of others, and gain knowledge and foresight from their experiences, meaning that we ourselves don’t have to suffer the consequences (often costly) of making the same mistakes as them. In other words, a collective pool of knowledge from which we could all take guidance meaning mistakes are never repeated.

This would be great. But many people and businesses make the same mistakes as others because the knowledge gained is never shared – perhaps through embarrassment who knows. However here, we will hopefully identify some classic mistakes that people have made in relation to PPC Management, including no doubt the odd PPC Management Agency themselves. By considering these errors as they have happened to others, you can hopefully avoid the same pitfalls in the future.


You have to learn the basics of PPC before you engage. It is dangerous to think that you can learn through trial and error – errors can be very costly indeed. You need to understand keywords, ranking, bids etc. and how to adjust/act to boost traffic and conversion rates.


Facts prove reality, assumptions create fools. Always use hard data and not guesswork to see how things will work and remember that precedents may not suit your product or business model. Try and create a bespoke solution – a role that a professional agency such as https://www.trafficsource.co.uk/services/ppc-management-agency/ can offer.


Spend it wisely with a correct focus. Again, your expertise may be limited here, so engage the skills of an expert such as a PPC Management Agency – use your skills though to select the right one for the job!


The devil is in the detail they say. Your site should be detailed and not generic, but not to the point of losing any interest. Bold claims do not impress, good reviews and feedback do.

Try Everything

If you do 20 things at once, and it works, which one of the 20 was effective? You’ll probably never know. So introduce things incrementally and carefully, watching for data shifts and patterns that demonstrate positive results.


They are called keywords for a reason – you need to use appropriate, effective and relevant keywords for your business/product.


Getting traffic is great, but what are you doing with it – is your landing page effective at converting interest into sales, have you even considered the transition process through your own website – it may make sense to you, but it’s your site. Viewed through the eyes of a client, would they stay engaged? Spelling mistakes, incorrect detail or poor transition/navigation will lose business, and still cost you the click. A great site gets sales and is the primary go to place next time for that same client without the PPC fee.

Change/No Change

Too much and you’ll lose any chance of meaningful data, and not enough will lose placement and custom. It needs regular maintenance but only the occasional makeover – subject to data confirming this.

PPC Management done badly is costly, ineffective and more or less a waste of time and money. Contrast this to PPC done well, where you increase traffic, sales, interest and retention. The difference is in the detail, the constant considerations, data reviews and input. PPC demands attention, be that yours or a PPC Management Agency. It isn’t safe to leave alone for too long, in other words, it’s an ongoing project, which if done well from the start and throughout can be wonderfully beneficial for your business.


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