How to Avoid Using Technology as an Excuse for Procrastination

In today’s world, most of us are so used to having our electronic devices on hand at all times, that we often struggle to remember what life was like before these devices went everywhere that we went. While modern smartphones are amazing pieces of engineering, they can be both a blessing and a curse. Their advanced capabilities mean that while they can help to accomplish a lot of useful tasks, they can also be a persistent distraction that keeps us from doing what we need to.

Procrastination has always been a challenge of course, it is not something which suddenly appeared alongside the smartphone. However, for some people, technology turns a minor character flaw into a debilitating problem. The good news is that help is here! It is possible to keep yourself surrounded with all the latest and best tech without succumbing to the scourge of procrastination! Here are some simple things you can do to make sure that your tech is helping and not hindering your efforts at being productive.

Put Your Phone Away!

This is the most important tip of them all! Phones are great, but when the time comes to do some work and to actually get stuff done then you should only use your phone when it can help you to accomplish whatever you are aiming for. This does require self discipline, so it’s best to keep your phone well out of sight so that it doesn’t tempt you.

If you have a draw or somewhere nearby where you can hide it out of sight, then do so. If you still can’t keep yourself from picking it up, then perhaps ask your significant other if they can take it from you. If your significant other isn’t cooperative, or even nonexistent, then every time you catch yourself wasting time on your phone, stop and put it in another room before you get back to what you’re doing.

Find Good Background Noise

Some people can only work in silence, whereas others find that with no external sounds they are unable to focus their minds. Each group will never understand the other; they are fundamentally different experiences of the learning process and so what background noise, if any, helps a person will depend on them individually.

Some people find that music helps them to concentrate. This isn’t necessarily the music that they would normally listen to for fun, although it can be. Finding the right background noise is mostly a case of trial and error so try some different genres of music. Some people find background voices helpful, in some cases familiar and predictable voices are preferred whereas others prefer voices that they don’t know and haven’t heard so their brains can’t preempt the next words.

Remember to Unwind

It is important that you reward yourself for working well and avoiding procrastination. Websites such as Big Samo are full of free browser games to play. Or you could always reward yourself with a bit of Reddit browsing, whatever floats your boat!

Technology is both a friend and an enemy, but with a few minor adjustments and some self-discipline, you can make your technology an ally in your quest for productivity!

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