Five Gadgets to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

Roughing it on a primitive camping outing is always a lot of fun. Yet, with all of the technologies and gadgets we have at our disposal, why not make it a bit more convenient? You don’t have to camp when you can glamp. Yet, you’ll still have the unforgettable experience of being one with nature. Think about it, you can take a hot shower, hang from a tree and sleep in a comfortable bed. What’s not to like? That is why we have rounded up a few of the best gadgets to take on your next camping trip.

A camping hammock

A camper’s best friend is a trusty hammock. Swinging, looking up at the sky, reading your favorite book or just counting the stars is something that can’t be beat. Plus, it will keep you away from critters on the camp grounds. And, you’ll get a better view of everything. You want a durable hammock with a good weight limit, such as 350 pounds.

It should also come with pockets for convenient storage. Not to mention, it should be easy to set-up and tear-down. In addition, a hammock is much more lightweight than other sleeping utilities such as a portable bed. Don’t forget to check if it comes with mosquito netting. It’s always calming to rock while you sleep.

Solar charger

This is a gadget you must take along with you on your next camping trip. That’s not to say that you should be on your mobile device all day long. But, it will be much appreciated in the event of an emergency. You want one that works with any device and is rain-resistant. It also helps if it can charge your mobile device completely in under one hour or less. Again, don’t use it as an excuse to text all day. You should be enjoying nature instead. Just use it for emergencies.

Windcatcher Airpad

Did you ever think you could inflate a camping mattress with a few puffs of air? It’s no fun lugging an air pump around with you. Instead, this Airpad offers 4 inches of quilted support for a restful sleep. Really, it only takes a few breaths of air to inflate. It makes sense that it is called a windcatcher.

Car sun shades

As you drive around and park your RV, you may notice that the sun will heat up your vehicle rather quickly. Instead, try car sun shades to block out over 90 percent of the sun’s rays. This way, you can keep your RV cool without feeling the need to use the A/C. You can also look for cooler camping grounds. According to an article in Outdoorsy, some of the top most searched RV destinations on Yahoo include Colonial Williamsburg and Sea Islands. They are probably popular for their natural beauty, pristine campgrounds and good weather.

Personal water filter

Even if you plan on bringing several gallons of water, it still helps to carry a personal water filter–just in case. It is one of the most inexpensive life savers you can own. It’s also reliable and perfect for emergencies. You can only last three to five days without water. So, this is a must have.

Camping is an excellent recreational activity. With the gadgets above, you can make it as primitive or as modern as you like.

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