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4 ways you can boost your businesses online sales

How much does your business make through online sales? As the world moves increasingly online, more and more of peoples purchasing is going to be done over the internet and through websites in the future.

Getting people onto your website is one thing, but converting that interest into an actual sale is quite another. There are a number of reasons why people might visit your site but decide against making a purchase, varying from a lack of trust in the process or frustration at how long and winded it is.

If there are two websites with two identical products for exactly the same price, then the one that makes the buying process simpler is nearly always going to secure the sale.

Here are four ways to boost your businesses online sales.

Build trust with the consumer

In the pre-internet days, customers could get a real feel for a business when they walked into a shop or spoke to the owner or employees. That trust is more difficult to build in the internet age, especially if all your sales are conducted online, but it is still important. People trust accreditations so try to get as many of those as possible and make them prominent on your website while positive reviews, endorsements and testimonies will also make a consumer more likely to use your business. Finally, they need to trust you when it comes to security, so make sure you work with genuine payment providers such as PayPal. It is also good to have a Verified by Visa sign and a VeriSign SSL certificate.

Have a well-designed website

A well-designed website is absolutely vital for securing online sales. If your website is difficult to navigate, a nightmare to load or just horrible on the eye with garish colors and big confusing fonts, then potential customers simply won’t bother going through the ordeal of buying or ordering from you. An organized web design will make the whole process much more straightforward for the consumer as most people are far more likely to do something if it is easy.

Make the buying process quick

The whole point in buying online is that it is meant to be quick. People do not want to have to sit around entering details here, there and everywhere before they can actually buy the product they want to. Forcing them to set up an account with you in order to buy something is one sure-fire way to put them off, with a 2011 study suggesting that 30% of consumers will abandon their purchase if asked to register. While having their details on record might be handy for you, make registering optional, not compulsory.

Be honest about your extras

Honesty is the best policy but that seems to go out the window when it comes to some online purchases. How many times have you got all the way through an ordering process, only to find there is an extortionate booking fee or shipping charge added on right at the last minute? Shocks and surprises at the last minute will make a consumer take their business elsewhere, so it is important to be upfront about any fees or charges that might be added to the total. An FAQ page is normally a good way of doing it.

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